Hawaii Five-0: The episode that united two actors from the same family for the last time

Completing 10 seasons was a long time for a series as popular as Hawaii Five-0 to accumulate interesting behind-the-scenes anecdotes, especially with regard to its performers and the appearance on screen of members of the same family.

Since Hawaii Five-0 debuted in 2010 until it ended in 2020, it presented a long list of talented performers on screen season after season, with varying degrees of favoritism from the public. Made by Alex O’Loughlin as the Commander Steven “Steve” McGarrett II Y Scott Caan like detective Daniel “Danny, Danno” Williams Accompanied by other important interpreters, the program also showed on screen a very special guest star who shares a bond with one of the protagonists.

Hawaii Five-0: A much talked about anecdote recently has to do with the appearance of a guest star

Hawaii Five-0 fans of the American network CBS numbering in the millions, they know by heart the trajectory of their two main performers acting as tough and brave law enforcement officers, whose audacity when it comes to solving criminal cases makes them stand out from the rest of their peers. Nevertheless, there is a very special anecdote related to one of them that recently moved his followers more than ever, we refer to the actor Scott Caan.

As everyone will remember in Hawaii Five-0, for 10 seasons Scott Caan played Danny (Danno) Williams, a former New Jersey cop with the rank of detective sergeant who is transferred to the Honolulu Police Department when his ex-wife moves to Hawaii. with your daughter. The actor earned fan favor by becoming an inspiration to his partner Steve (O’Loughlin) whose close friendship often makes them the butt of jokes with the rest of the investigative team.

Scott is precisely the cast member who has one of the best anecdotes behind the scenes in the series, being able to share the screen with his father, the legendary Hollywood actor, James Caan. A fact that has recently come into force after the unfortunate news of the death of the famous artist on July 6 at the age of 82 due to natural causes, according to his family in a statement.

Hawaii Five-0: One of the most special moments was seeing Scott Caan share the screen with his legendary father James Caan

In Hawaii Five-0, actor James Caan starred for the last time alongside his son Scott as a character named Anthony Archer, a former NYPD detective who spent time in the bomb squad. His participation in the police drama occurred in the 18th episode of season 2 of Hawaii Five-0, entitled “Lekio”, aired in February 2012. Fans saw him put in the role of him while trying to help the team. to solve a crime.

Although in the past James and Scott Caan appeared in front of the cameras in 2009 in the movie Mercy, in which they both play father and son in fiction, the Hawaii Five-0 series was one of the best opportunities for fans. of the two stars to enjoy seeing them on stage at the same time. A very special moment considering that they have always had a very close relationship, a fact reiterated in the past by Scott Caan in several interviews when his father was still alive, stating that he never prioritized acting because “his family was more important to him.” “.

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Hawaii Five-0: The episode that united two actors from the same family for the last time

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