Hawaii Five-0: The last appearance of actor Ian Anthony Dale and his new job

For nearly a decade, actor Ian Anthony Dale has been starring in the popular CBS series Hawaii Five-0, but now that the show has ended, this is what the actor is doing and his last appearance on the drama.

The reboot series that began in 2010, Hawaii Five-0, entertained millions of people who were looking to see incredible action stories in the midst of a criminal investigation. The program was carried out by the actors Alex O’Loughlin Y Scott CaanIn addition, the series featured an impressive cast of characters, including well-known television actors such as daniel dae kim, Grace Park, Chi McBride, Jorge Garcia Y Ian Anthony Dale. However, some fans are wondering about this last actor and this is what is known about him.

Hawaii Five-0: What happened to actor Ian Anthony Dale after the end of the drama?

Let’s remember that Ian Anthony Dalewas an actor who often resorted to Hawaii Five-0, for which he was promoted to a series regular role for the last three seasons. In that time, fans saw his incredible performance and the great stories that his character contributed as Adam Noshimuri, who was the son of a millionaire mafia and former head of the Yakuza on the island.

the entrance of Anthony Dale a Hawaii Five-0 was due to two of the main members of the show daniel dae kim Y Grace Park, decided to leave the show at the end of the seventh season, after several salary disagreements. However, to try to fill those gaps, the producers decided to promote Anthony to regular, which turned out to be a success for the drama.

Unfortunately, Hawaii Five-0 aired its last episode on April 3, 2020 on the television network CBS, in which the character of Anthony had a great impact in order to close the story of the drama. However, that was not the last time the actor appeared on the screen with his character.

On May 8, 2020, Anthony Dale appeared on the small screen as Adam Noshimuri once again on the show Magnum P.I.another series created by peter lenkov which shares the universe with the 2010 version of Hawaii Five-0. This episode marked Anthony’s last appearance in the Five-0 universe as his character.

Hawaii Five-0: The open end of Adam Noshimuri to appear in the spin-offs

However, fans are wondering what has happened to the actor and the new projects he is working on. But, as has been revealed, Anthony Dale subsequently joined the cast of the walking dead on the AMC television network, first appearing in season 11, episode 5 as Tomichi Okumura, the long-lost brother of Yumiko Okumura (Eleanor Matsuura).

So far Ian Anthony Dale has only appeared in a total of seven episodes in the final season of The Walking Dead. However, he is also working for the CBS television series, All Rise. So fans can still continue to enjoy his amazing performance.

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Hawaii Five-0: The last appearance of actor Ian Anthony Dale and his new job

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