Hawaii Five-0: The problems that Alex O’Loughlin had to overcome in his time in the series

The popular series Hawaii Five-0 ended more than a year ago and yet its cast continues to arouse the interest of the public, especially one of its protagonists, the Australian-born actor Alex O’Loughlin who played the admired agent Steve McGarrett.

While the popular CBS show, Hawaii Five-0 came to an end at the beginning of 2020, its most staunch followers who remained faithful to its transmission for 10 seasons, still remember and comment on the highlights, anecdotes, curiosities and some events of great importance. Especially with regard to one of its most important protagonists, the actor Alex O’Loughlin who gave life to Steve McGarrett.

Hawaii Five-0: Alex O’Loughlin as popular agent Steve McGarrett

The popular agent Steve McGarrett served in the police drama as one of the characters of Hawaii Five-0 that happened most in fiction, he was admired for the courage with which he faced and emerged victorious from the vast majority of the tests that his profession imposed on him. protector of the law. Everyone knows the countless times that the character was in danger during the plot and the injuries he suffered when facing them, what not everyone knows is that behind the scenes, his interpreter also had to undertake several personal battles.

Because he was a standout member of the Hawaii Five-0 team, skill and a bit of luck, on-screen McGarrett was able to overcome being shot in the shoulder, leg, arm, chest, lower of the torso. In addition to innumerable beatings, which it would be difficult for anyone to count. The truth is that due to the nature of the popular CBS program, it led its protagonist Alex O’Loughlin to suffer major injuries, especially to his back and one of his shoulders, due to the difficult action scenes seen on screen. episode after episode.

Unfortunately, when the cancellation of Hawaii Five-0 was announced, the rumors about the reasons for such decision were immediate, especially when it became known that it was not only the expiration of Alex O’Loughlin’s contract, but also his financial problems. Health. It was due to his great effort that the actor suffered several accidents during the recordings of the program since its first seasons, and those accidents brought catastrophic consequences to the life of the artist such as addiction to painkillers, to the point that he had to receive professional help for what he had to take a leave of absence from the film set to rehabilitate himself and overcome the problem.

Hawaii Five-0: The countless action scenes starring Steve McGarrett caused injuries to his interpreter Alex O’Loughlin

However, all this situation and the passage of time brought with it that O’Loughlin began to suffer disorders caused by the stress of carrying out violent scenes in which he had to participate very often. Due to the delicate situation of physical exhaustion that he was going through, for season 10 of Hawaii Five-0, when the actor’s contract with the television network expired due to a mutual agreement with the production, the sad decision was made to leave the series, so CBS chose to cancel the show rather than continue without him.

Fortunately, to the delight of his fans, it was learned that, although it is possible that everything has ended on screen for the beloved agent Steve McGarrett, for the popular actor, Alex O’Loughlin, it will not be like that. As the artist of Australian origin was known, after taking a well-deserved break, he has been working as a writer, producer and director, although he has not officially announced any new project, it is known that he intends to return to the entertainment industry although he has not wanted to give much information about himself for now it will be in front of or behind the cameras.

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Hawaii Five-0: The problems that Alex O’Loughlin had to overcome in his time in the series

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