Hawaii Five-0: The real reason Grace Park walked away from the CBS series

Hawaii Five-0 saw the painful departure of its two leads, but the undercurrent to the departure from Grace Park may be darker than fans imagine.

In an era replete with television reboots, Hawaii Five-0 from CBS it balanced nostalgia and modernity with precision, appealing to fans both young and old. However, while the show’s effective formula gave fans 10 seasons of fun and excitement, the action-packed police procedural began to falter when two of its leads, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Parkabruptly left the series after its seventh season.

Hawaii Five-0: Why Daniel Dae Kim And Grace Park Walked Away From The Series

Kim’s character, Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, reportedly left the team to start his own task force in San Francisco, while Park’s officer, Kono Kalakaua, went to Carson City to help take down a trafficking ring. sexual.

However, behind the scenes, Kim and Park’s outings weren’t so easy to cope with.. The actors “sought pay parity with the series’ lead actors, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan”, both Caucasian. Although CBS he reportedly offered both stars “large and significant pay raises” before the eighth season, but the amount was not enough and both decided to leave the show immediately.

Although the output of Hawaii Five-0’s Grace Park had to do with pay inequality among cast members, executive producer Peter M. Lenkov hinted that the actress left the show to reunite with her family. However, as Park revealed in an interview weeks later, that was not the case.

Grace Park and her co-star Daniel Dae Kim represented the series’ opportunity to “address, reframe and appreciate” the original 1968 version of the show, as the focus on the other actors resulted in something “would be completely unacceptable by contemporary standards of other actors.” Many point out that the producers of Hawaii Five-0 made the reboot their own racial issues.

Hawaii Five-0: The real reasons Grace Park walked away from the CBS series

The situation would not end there. Grace Park seems to have had professional reasons for leaving hawaiifive-0, but it turns out that he was also dealing with a controversial circumstance in his personal life at the same time. The actress was linked in the international scandalwhen the founder of NXIVMKeith Raniere was arrested in March 2018 for “sex trafficking.” And while Park didn’t seem to get into any trouble, the situation may just be another reason why he decided it was time to leave some aspects of his life behind.

While leaving Hawaii Five-0 left Grace Park with mixed feelings, the actress traded her police badge for a law degree when she joined the cast of ABC’s A Million Little Things as Katherine Saville. Although her character remained on the fringes during the first few episodes of the show, Park quickly found herself at the heart of the drama.

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Hawaii Five-0: The real reason Grace Park walked away from the CBS series

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