Hawaii Five-0: The Series Finale Plots That Fans Never Got To See

The detective drama Hawaii Five-0 wrapped up in 2020 with its 10th installment, even though an 11th season had been planned as the creators wanted to continue the adventure. This was the plot that was in mind for a sequel to the series.

Hawaii Five-0 premiered through the broadcast chain CBSand remained on the air for 10 long seasons that managed to capture the attention of millions of fans around the world, who to this day continue to clamor for a reboot.

Hawaii Five-0 season 11 was planned due to character Steve McGarrett’s departure initially being temporary

The detective series was canceled by CBS with its tenth installment. Even though an 11th season had been planned, the network did not give the green light for the renewal, leading to unrest and frustration among loyal fans of the drama.

Yes ok Alex O’Loughlininterpreter of Steve McGarrett decided to move away from the series that he starred in for a long time, his departure would not be final, since his return was expected with the third episode of season 11 that never developed.

According to Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Peter M. Lenkov, with McGarrett’s temporary departure, Lance Gross would have taken his important place in the history of the series with season 11 playing the newcomer of the tenth installment, Lincoln Cole, although only during the first few episodes until the return of the original protagonist. This revealed to the TVLine medium:

“I’m a huge fan of Lance and found him to be a real asset to the team. Lincoln was the perfect kind of ‘broken toy’ (anti-hero) to round out the team.”

However, as McGarrett’s departure was thought to be temporary, the season 10 finale was written as the start of a new chapter towards the eleventh installment, as things should have quickly returned to normal with the actor’s return. . This added Lenkov:

“[McGarrett] I needed a moment to breathe. The idea was. So let it go before you bring it. We probably would have done 2/3 episodes without him at first.”

The plot of the final episode of Hawaii Five-0 season 10 was changed due to the fact that the next installment would not take place

But, in the wake of CBS’s decision to cancel the series, the end of season 10 had to be modified to give it a real conclusion and not the continuation of the story towards another installment. Peter M. Lenkov also confided that had to rework the last episode by deleting “a bunch of little cliffhangers”. This revealed about the final plot that fans never saw:

“I have about 12 minutes that are gone and have been cut”

“There was a bit of an evolution in the relationship between Tani and Junior. If you remember correctly, Junior killed his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. [en la temporada 9]. And for that, he felt guilty. Tani was feeling that they were supporting him. So there had to be a little story about that that needed to be fleshed out in Season 11.”

For his part, Adam was about to find himself in a sticky situation after setting Kenji up. According to the showrunner, he should have received a visit from Japan’s Yakuza, which would have changed a lot of things that would be shown in season 11 of Hawaii Five-0 that never came. This explained according to the lines of the script:

“I was telling him, ‘What you’ve done is against what we believe in and therefore your protection is over.’

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Hawaii Five-0: The Series Finale Plots That Fans Never Got To See

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