Hawaii Five-0: This was what happened to actor Masi Oka after his departure

The first seasons of Hawaii Five-0 managed to have the participation of actor Masi Oka, adding his touches of comedy to the program. However, his unexpected departure saddened many and this is what the star has been up to after his departure.

The popular series of Hawaii Five-0 It came to an end with its season 10 in April 2020 on the television network CBS. However, it managed to have an incredible cast throughout its 10 years of broadcasting, an example of which is the actor masi ok, who played the physician and chief medical examiner Dr. Max Bergman. But, this was what happened to the star after his sudden departure.

Hawaii Five-0: This was what happened to the actor of Dr. Max Bergman, Masi Oka

the character of masi okDr. Max Bergman, generated a peculiar charisma of his own throughout his time at Hawaii Five –0, although fans were sorry to see his exit on season 7 of the show, the actor managed to gain incredible popularity and fans are left wondering what he has been up to ever since.

Oka, who is also a seasoned digital and visual effects artist, has been working with a number of Hollywood stars, in fact, he lent his voice to two animated projects including the film “Spies in Sneak” as a physically imposing arms dealer. called Katsu Kimura, who seeks to face Lance Sterling (Will Smith).

Hidden Spies managed to obtain a nomination for best animated film from the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film Academy in the United States. Following his role in the film, Oka would go on to voice another animated character, this time in a galaxy far, far away, specifically in Disney+’s “Star Wars: Visions,” but this time the young Jedi named Ethan. .

Despite having lent his voice to different animated films, Masi Oka has not given up his career as an actor and producer. In fact, Oka launched his career in production with director Adam Wingard’s “Death Note,” which he co-produced with Jason Hoffs, Ted Sarandos, Roy Lee and Dan Lin. Although the film was not as successful as some fans had hoped, he managed to raise his name as one of the managers at work.

Hawaii Five-0: What happened to the departure of Masi Oka from the police drama?

Oka is currently preparing to take part in production on the animated film “Mega Man,” and has officially joined three other upcoming projects, including Doug Liman’s “Live Die Repeat and Repeat” and Andy Muschietti’s manga adaptation. “Attack on Titan”, something that all fans are looking forward to seeing.

Interestingly, Oka’s departure from Hawaii Five-0was full of various rumors, because it happened moments after the actors Grace Park Y daniel dae kim They will also leave the program due to salary problems. Although Oka assured at the time that his departure was due to personal problems that he had to attend to and that the character could not continue advancing due to lack of history.

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Hawaii Five-0: This was what happened to actor Masi Oka after his departure

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