Hawaii Five-0: What happened to actor Alex O’Loughlin after the end of the series

Since the Hawaii Five-0 series came to an end, one of the biggest questions from fans is what happened to actor Alex O’Loughlin, who is missing from the networks. However, a new contract could bring him to the screens soon.

One of the most popular police series on television CBS it is Hawaii Five-0, which despite having reached its end in 2020 after 10 seasons, continues to be one of the most watched in its broadcasts. One of the reasons the show got so famous was because of each of the cast members, especially the actor Alex O’Loughlin Y Scott Caan, who were the main face as Steve McGarrett and Dany “Dano” Williams. However, since it ended its weekly broadcast, little has been revealed about O’Loughlin and his new projects.

Before being Lt. Steve McGarrett, the actor Alex O’Loughlin he was a private investigator for vampires in the Moonlight series. He was also a hit man at El Invisible and a transplant doctor at Three Rivers. He has several credits under his belt, as he started his screen career in 2003 and regularly appeared in TV series and movies until 2020, most famously in Hawaii Five-0.

Since his debut in Hawaii Five-0 in 2010, Alex O’Loughlin He has not only starred in the series, but has also written, produced and directed several episodes of it in its different seasons. In an interview with the television channel CBS in May 2017, she revealed that she was hesitant to accept the role because her previous TV series (medical drama Three Rivers) had not been successful. However, she decided to take a chance and accept the offer.

Since the end of the series Hawaii Five-0 in April 2020, Alex O’Loughlin he hasn’t mentioned much about his life. In fact, the star has no social media and has been very private with his personal life. Unfortunately, actor Steve McGarrett has yet to appear on any of his peers’ social media accounts, making his current whereabouts and what happened to his health issues from an injury sustained on set even more mysterious. .

Hawaii Five-0: When will Alex O’Loughlin return to the screens?

He was last seen in an interview for a YouTube channel called PacBleu in 2021, where he revealed what he was up to during the worst part of the COVID pandemic. According to the star, most of his time was dedicated to working with his family and leading a healthy lifestyle, something especially important after the injury he suffered during the filming of the second season of Hawaii Five-0.

However, in this 2022, his former agent John Burnham who became a manager and partner at Atlas Artists and Atlas Literary, hired Alex O’Loughlin as one of your new clients. Burnham was the person in charge of representing him for years as an agent and facilitated the choice of the actor as the protagonist of the new version of Hawaii Five-0 from CBS. Although no information on the project he was going to work on was revealed, some assume that he could be treated as a producer.

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Hawaii Five-0: What happened to actor Alex O’Loughlin after the end of the series

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