Hawaii Five-0: What happened to actress Michelle Borth after leaving the series

The character of Michelle Borth was an important addition to the sentimental history of the protagonist of Hawaii Five-0, however, her sudden departure surprised a good part of her viewers, especially because of how it happened.

the debut of Hawaii Five-0 in 2010, it managed to be a great success for the television network CBS, managing to have an incredible cast and 10 seasons. Over the course of each of the show’s installments, big stars came in and out like actress Michelle Borth. Her exit is one of the most talked about in the series, although it has not been revealed exactly, there are rumors that indicate what really happened to her.

Hawaii Five-0: The unfortunate departure of Michelle Borth and what happened to her

The actress Michelle Borth gave life in Hawaii Five-0 Catherine Rollins, a member of a special naval unit that went from town to town, in Afghan territory. Rollins is the girlfriend of the show’s main character Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin), whom he met during his time at the Naval Academy.

Though Michelle Borth not part of the main cast just as the show premiered, he entered the fray in the fourth episode of the first installment. She quickly became an on-and-off romantic foil for McGarrett, and after taking a guest role in Season 2, Hawaii Five-0 promoted Borth as a regular for seasons 3 and 4. After two installments as a series regular, she left the series, although she used to appear as a guest.

Specific reasons have never been revealed as to why the Catherine Rollins star left full-time work on Hawaii Five-0, although it is known that his character was not liked by a section of the fandom. In any case, it is clear that the departure was partly amicable, considering that Michelle Borth he returned as many as seven times since season 4 ended.

The way out they gave the character was to stay in Afghanistan to look for the son of a man who had previously saved his life. Later, he is seen returning for Kono’s wedding (Grace Park) and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) in season 5, while the sixth installment played on her and McGarrett’s inability to maintain a lasting relationship and the rest of the episodes were for one-off assignments.

Hawaii Five-0: The romance of Steve McGarrett and Catherine Rollins did not materialize very well due to the departure of the actress

Since Michelle Borth abandonment Hawaii Five-0, has managed to land a wide variety of roles, the most recent of which were: in the film Shazam as Mary, and in the television series The Christmas Thief where she played Lana Lawton. Many viewers continue to lament her low participation in the CBS police drama, because she had great expectations for the stories that her character was going to have with that of the actor. Alex O’Loughlin.

Interestingly, the star of the series Alex O’Loughlin, has stayed away from the screens, some rumors indicate that it is due to the injury he suffered filming some of the program’s scenes. Which led to permanent pain. However, he was recently seen on vacation in Italy, where he was seen with a noticeable change in appearance, something that surprised many of the fans, due to the fact that the actor stays away from social networks.

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Hawaii Five-0: What happened to actress Michelle Borth after leaving the series

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