Hawaii Five-0: What happened to Alex O’Loughlin and his disappearance from acting?

After the shocking finale of Hawaii Five-0, the actor tasked with playing Captain Steve McGarrett, Alex O’Loughlin, dropped out of acting altogether. Many wonder what the star has been up to since then.

After nearly a decade on the air, Hawaii Five-0 said goodbye to its viewers in the year 2020 with its season 10. At first the CBS television network had great plans and ideas to continue with the program, however in the end they decided to cancel the program. Some of the most notorious rumors about this decision have to do with the actor Alex O’Loughlin and its disappearance of the performance after the series finale.

Hawaii Five-0: What happened to actor Alex O’Loughlin?

Alex O’Loughlin He was in charge of playing the beloved captain of the Five-0 team, Steve McGarrett, who stood out in many of the episodes of the famous series. Unfortunately, as the seasons went by, it became known that overwork led him to suffer a back injury while filming an action scene, which ended up making him doubt whether or not he would continue in the drama.

“With the back injury I had two years ago, I could barely move,” Alex O’Loughlin told Entertainment Weekly in 2018.

After several treatments and a slow recovery, O’Loughlin decided to return to Hawaii Five-0 again, though it was unclear how much longer she would be able to continue playing her character. So she accepted an extension of her contract for another year in May 2019, when the production of the 10th season of the program was prepared.

In fact, the same producer of the series Peter Lenkov revealed during an interview that the television network knew very well the physical problems that the actor presented, so it was decided not to extend the contract and close the program with season 10. Since then the interpreter has given no more signs of returning in some other program.

It’s been two years since the star recorded her last episode of Hawaii Five-0, and so far she hasn’t had any other projects in the offing. In addition to that, the actor has not made more public appearances or has interaction through social networks. Something that worries the fans who fell in love with the performance of Alex O’Loughlin bringing McGarrett to life on the show.

Hawaii Five-0: The Last Time Fans Saw Steve McGarrett Actor Alex O’Loughlin

Some rumors suggest that the injury he suffered filming the series has prevented him from taking on physically demanding roles, limiting him in his acting career. While the ending may have come from O’Loughlin himself, according to creator/writer Lenkov, this was perhaps the ideal time to stop and bring the show to a proper close.

Many of the fans of Hawaii Five-0 and of the actor, they have been publishing unpublished photos on social networks of the days of filming the star, in which he is seen very happy enjoying with all his co-stars on the recording set, but beyond those images until now it’s hard to know what has happened to Alex O’Loughlin since the show’s last episode.

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Hawaii Five-0: What happened to Alex O’Loughlin and his disappearance from acting?

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