Henry Cavill returns as ‘Superman’: The sequel is already under production

Henry Cavill and his fans have been actively and passively asking for the actor to play Superman again in the DC movies, but it hasn’t been until now that Iron Man has pulled his cape out of the closet and donned the tight red and blue leggings for a new ‘Superman’ movie.

The super man’s last appearance was in 2021’s Justice League, which left a bittersweet taste in the mouths of many fans, after the 2017 film. Henry Cavill’s last appearance as Superman was in a collaboration film ‘Batman Versus Superman: Fall of Justice’more than in a film expressly his, since Warner Bros was still trying to talk to the actor to determine his future.

There are many rumors that link to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a spokesman for the fans who want Henry Cavill to return to the DC universe, provoking their curiosity by saying that Superman appeared in his new movie ‘Black Adam’.

Although the premiere of ‘The Flash’ represents a new direction in the future plans of DC Comics, by not focusing so much on creating movies that are a potential blockbuster, this has made many fans of Henry Cavill worry about his future in the DC universe, because they think they can create a “new Superman” from those new ideas they have.

A former Marvel editor-in-chief, David Faraci, has dropped that Warner Bros could be negotiating a second Superman movie with Henry Cavill after pressure from Dwayne Johnson. When asked for more details, Faraci explained that Johnson “put the pressure on Warner Bros like never before, causing them to end up talking to Henry Cavill again.”

“I have new information on this. It’s not entirely accurate, it’s more behind-the-scenes information that caught my attention, but I think the reason that Henry Cavill has returned as Superman in the Black Adam movie is because Dwayne Johnson wanted it to be so. I mean, he was very insistent, he went crazy even threatening to go to court, until he got Warner Bros to talk to Henry and sign a contract promising him a new Superman movie. Y all this because “The Rock” insisted”.

It is a mystery why Warner Bros did not want to get more out of the Superman played by Henry Cavill, because it is common knowledge that the actor himself has always been happy with that roleassuring that “it has much more to tell about the life and history of Superman”, and that “would love to have the opportunity“.

Rumors have been multiplying that Superman could appear in some scenes of the new film of ‘The Flash’because this has had to undergo new recording processes. Leaked reports claim that the film “has changed a lot” in the 15 months from when it started to change until the official release date was announced.

Regardless of what Warner Bros has in mind for Superman in the DC Comics movies, it seems that the pressures of “The Rock” have made them realize that fans want Henry Cavill to remain part of the planand now all those pressures have turned out to be the cause of a new superman moviealmost 10 years after ‘Man of Steel’ of 2013.

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Henry Cavill returns as ‘Superman’: The sequel is already under production

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