How is it possible for Superman’s suit to remain without a scratch?

Mark Waid puts an end to the eternal discussion about the Superman suit

Many fans of Superman They wonder how it is possible that, with the character having so many dangerous adventures, his suit remains without a single scratch. Over the years there have been multiple explanations, but the screenwriter Mark Waid wanted to settle the discussion about The suit of Kal-El.

In Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #7 of Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain Y Steve Wandsthe last son of Kryptonian He meets a boy with powers and a similar origin to his, who needs help to control his abilities and a suitable wardrobe. The Kryptonians of the Bottled City of Kandor They provide him with a suit that reacts to Earth’s yellow sun in the same way as Superman’s cells, making him indestructible..

Why is Superman’s suit indestructible?

This refers to one of the earliest origins of Superman on the Age of Silver. The Kent discovered that their son Clark he burned a lot of clothes due to his developing powers. When the heat vision of Clark causes a fire on the farm, they discover that the cloths in which the baby had been wrapped when traveling to the Land they did not burn at all, there was not a single scratch on the fabric. It was then that Martha Kent He had the idea of ​​using it to create his son’s clothing, which would serve him for years, including for the creation of his iconic suit.

The “alien tissue” explanation might make sense, but it’s not the first origin of the Superman suit. In the Golden age something completely different was affirmed, because at that time it was said that the fabric of the iconic suit was an invention of the superheroes themselves.

Things got even weirder after Crisis on Infinite Earths. In post-Crisis continuity, the powers of the Iron Man they generated a special aura around him that made him practically invulnerable. This was the reason that gave rise to the iconic nickname of him. But in addition, the aura extended a few millimeters from his body, making any garment that fit his skin remain scratch-free, no matter what material it was made of. This explanation has been around for many years and is perhaps the most widespread response among fans.

New origin for the Superman suit

In the new 52 In 2011, radically different origins of the invulnerability of Superman’s suit were introduced. This new design was actually Kryptonian armor, which explained its indestructibility. In addition, it adapted to his body, which made it easy to change in any situation and made the Iron Man He was ready to fight at any moment. Obviously, this design didn’t last long and went back to the origin of the suit being made from Kryptonian fabric. Some time later, the Superman of the new 52 disappeared and was replaced by Superman post-Crisis along with his original suit, causing the suit-armor design to be forgotten.

New 52 Superman Armor

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank return to the Kryptonian fabric to explain Superman’s indestructible suit

As can be seen, the reasons why the Man of Steel suit is not destroyed has varied according to the time of the comics, having some coincidences and contradictions throughout the history of the character. The concept that Martha Kent made the first suit has endured for most of that time and that the post-Crisis aura kept the uniform intact, but in 2006, with Superman: The Origin of Superman of Geoff Johns Y Gary Frankhe turned to the idea of ​​indestructible Kryptonian fabric.

With what has been shown in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest it seems that waid He wanted to settle the discussion of the suit. The reason it doesn’t have a scratch on it is because it’s made from Kryptonian tissue. Despite the clarification, the continuous changes of origin and contradictions over the years have meant that, despite these claims by the writers, many fans feel that there are doubts about the origin of the suit’s invulnerability. It should not be ruled out that in the future the special aura of the Iron Man, or even that the armor of the new 52 be used again.

Superman Secret Identity

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How is it possible for Superman’s suit to remain without a scratch?

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