Hugo Boss partners with Imaginary Ones to launch NFT collection

With the launch of its first NFT collection, HUGO takes a major step forward in its exploration of the metaverse and disruptive technologies.

Hugo Boss, the famous German fashion brand, founded in 1923 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss, has decided to join the metaverse trend. Through a adformalized the alliance with Imaginary Ones to deliver a “a 360-degree holistic metaverse experience.”

The collection titled “Embrace Your Emotions” (EYE)which will feature 1,001 3D animations, will be released in early November.

According to the press release, the goal of the collection is to encourage everyone to connect with their emotions, and share the message that all feelings – positive and negative – are valid and should be accepted, “since the freedom to feel and express can significantly improve mental health and general well-being.”

With this slogan, HUGO and Imaginary Ones will launch 5 characters that will represent the most common feelings of human beings: joy, sadness, fear, anger and love. In addition, in the context of World Mental Health Day on October 10, a sixth special character will be auctioned, which will bring together the five emotions.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this character will be donated to the mental health program Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM). With a focus on young people between the ages of 13 and 17, YAM has promoted the mental health of 85,000 adolescents in 16 countries.

How to buy the Embrace Your Emotiones (EYE) collection by HUGO?

Those who are interested in buying any of these NFTs can register in a allow list. Of course, of the 1,000 NFT, 500 will be available for those who buy a t-shirt phygital exclusive. This garment will have a QR code, which will allow people to create a special Augmented Reality (AR) effect.

As for the remaining 500 NFTs, they will be available to current holders of the Imaginary Ones NFT collection. Which, at the beginning of October 2022, has a sales volume of 12,000 ETH in OpenSeathe marketplace World’s largest NFT.

miah sullivanSenior Vice President of Global Marketing and Brand Communications at HUGO BOSS, stated that “The metaverse is an exciting new space for fashion brands, and it has great potential for HUGO.”

“We are very pleased to partner with Imaginary Ones to offer an NFT collection of beautiful 3D characters that allows us to not only explore this virtual world further, but also share a message of self-acceptance and being true to oneself, which is at the heart of what we do. that represents HUGO”.

Likewise, Clement Chia, co-founder of Imaginary Ones, celebrated the agreement with HUGO, as this is the first collection of Asian origin to collaborate with an international fashion brand. He also welcomed the opportunity to share a message of self-acceptance and being true to oneself, “which is at the heart of what HUGO stands for.”


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Hugo Boss partners with Imaginary Ones to launch NFT collection

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