“I won’t tell you how nice he was, my God. Very tall. Beautiful, charming. He was a super man …”, recalls Anita Reeves about the visit to Chile of “Superman” Christopher Reeve

Author: Glamorama Team / 3 October, 2022

«I won’t tell you how nice it was, mijito for God’s sake. Altísimo”, recalls actress Anita Reeves about her encounter in Chile in the 1980s with Christopher Reeve, the American actor famous for playing Superman in four superhero movies.

The arrival in Santiago of the Hollywood figure -who died in 2004- took place on November 20, 1987 in the framework of the defense of human rights after 77 national artists received death threats.

Anita Reeves, a figure from various classic television series, from La Torres 10 to Sucupira, among others, shared with Reeve on that visit and remembered him on Good Night Everyone, late on TVN:

Edward Fuentes, host of the program: “I imagine that more than once you were asked if Christopher Reeve was a relative of yours”

Anita Reeves: “Of course. I met him, I was eating with him. That time he came to Chile when he was the threat to the Chilean actors. And I remember sarcastically saying ‘these are scratches, they need Superman to come and save them’.

“Nope. We were so good that Christopher Reeve, one of the great activists of actors in the United States, came to share with us, to fight with us next to us “

Sources: “For the youngest who see us, Christopher Reeve was the actor who played Superman, who unfortunately later had an accident and ended up in wheelchairs”

Reeves: “Yes poh, he had an accident on horseback, he was in a wheelchair and from there his death later derived. He was one of the most well-known early Supermans.”

Sources: “Probably the image we all had of Superman for years. And this is because the Chilean actors received death threats”

Reeves: “A list arrived. I wasn’t there, just in case, because suddenly there are people who go up the stream, and they were all exiled. No. I wasn’t exiled or anything. But they were very serious death threats to several actors and people from the theater world.

“An important campaign was raised. In fact, I took an actress who is now deceased and who you must know very well, who is Marés González. I took her to my house, because she was one of the people who was threatened, because she lived alone. So we all went taking friends and fellow actors to our stuff.

“It was not people from the left who welcomed people from the left. We were colleagues, we were Chileans, we were people, we were taking care of ourselves, which is what I feel we should do. That was the time that Christopher came. In any case, he was Reeve, without the final S.

Sources: “It’s that the S was put here on Superman’s shirt”

Reeves: “I told him the same thing, ‘of course, because you take the S here’. He told me ‘your last name is the mother’s last name and then the others were derived’. ‘I mean, you’re a derivative of me… How is Superman going to be a derivative of me?’ I told him. That conversation was very nice.

“He was a charming person. And I won’t tell you how cute he was, my God. Soaring. I, who am tall, looked up at this man. He was also beautiful, charming, he really was warm ”

Sources: “He was a super man”

Reeves: “He was a super man. But he was a man, through and through. A very good person.”

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“I won’t tell you how nice he was, my God. Very tall. Beautiful, charming. He was a super man …”, recalls Anita Reeves about the visit to Chile of “Superman” Christopher Reeve

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