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  • Not having the accounts in order can prevent access to convenient mortgage loans and, therefore, delay the dream of owning a home. Having adequate support and information thus becomes a priority for those who want to put their coffers in order and become owners.

According to figures published by the Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo, with information from the Central Bank, Chilean households dedicate an average of 25% of their monthly income to paying debts. In this scenario, and under a panorama of widespread economic uncertainty, maintaining order and financial balance becomes a monthly challenge for any person or family.

This is why Buydepa, the most dynamic technology company associated with the real estate sector in the market, recently signed an alliance with, a web platform that allows access to clear and simple information on personal finances, in addition to offering different tools and professional support. to keep accounts in order and thus access better opportunities in the market. “We constantly work to advise our clients on taking out a mortgage loan, and along the way we have understood that many people are excluded from the system simply for not keeping their family finances in order,” says Nicolás Méndez, CEO and founder of Buydepa .com.

This alliance will allow Buydepa’s clients to have the full range of knowledge and tools of available, including the premium subscription Destácame PRO, which allows access to a comprehensive financial health program, which includes educational content, support from professionals and weekly updates of your Commercial Report (Dicom) and CMF Debt Report. In addition, the user will receive alerts when a creditor reports them as delinquent in the system, an instrument that can be essential to take action on time and not fall into a mess that is difficult to fix later.

“All this wealth of information allows people to make more effective decisions, based on their financial reality and minimizing the risks of over-indebtedness. In addition, using our tools, Buydepa designed an incentive system in which they seek to help maintain the financial health of their clients in the long term”, explains Joaquín Castro Leader of Alliances at “That’s right, at Buydepa we have decided to support our clients in the toughest times of the year. For this reason, for each client who buys their home in Buydepa and who at least maintains stable financial health, we will support them with the payment of their installment. The benefit is delivered annually and can reach up to $4,000,000.- directly into the pockets of our clients, explains Nicolás Méndez.

Early delinquency in people who took a mortgage loan is one of the problems that users of Destácame have expressed the most. Hence the importance of having support for decision-making in this matter. “We did a survey among our users and found that 40% of them are delinquent simply because they messed up their accounts. Another 20% indicated that they had a short-term unforeseen event, and only 10% indicated that they stopped paying due to losing their job, a much lower figure than we imagined. This reinforces the idea that financial education is very important and that we are on the right track in our alliance with Buydepa, since today people need specific support tools and professional guidance in their financial decisions”, adds Castro.

“The dream of owning a home has been delayed for years for many families living in Chile due to current economic conditions. For this reason, it is more important to have support to order accounts and plan finances more efficiently. Thus, tomorrow, our clients and users of Destácame will be able to access better financial conditions for their projects”, states Nicolás Méndez, from Buydepa.

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Importance of financial education: Chilean startups come together to improve the family economy | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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