Indian Motorcycle forecasts 40% growth in global motorcycle sales

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The market of motorcycles new comes from closing a historic year in 2021 with the sale of 62,233 units, doubling the 31,888 units of the previous year. In this global balance of the National Association of Motorcycle Importers (ANIM), the increase in demand due to the explosive development of delivery was decisive, especially for the most massive segments of the industry.

After this result, expectations for this year are anticipated to be more moderate, although equally active. In this line, the brand manager of Indian Motorcycle Chile, Matías Meza, foresees that the sector will grow in general around 40% in 2022, an estimate that also extends to the high-end segment to which this American brand is focused with versions in price ranges between $13,500.00 and $40,000,000.

Along with highlighting that the global motorcycle business is experiencing its best moment, the executive indicates that the upward trajectory of this sector is mainly affected by “the sale of many units to work, to which is added the fact that people left public transport and went to a private vehicle; and those who preferred motorcycles did so because it is a cheaper option than cars”.

In this scenario, he emphasizes that the sustained increase in motorcycle sales in recent years “shot up in 2021 with an impressive boom in the industry, even though there were no units to continue selling, given that we had stock problems; if not, We would have grown much more.”

Waiting lists

For 2022, the executive estimates that the maintenance of high levels of demand will be reflected in numerous buyers waiting for their acquired units to finally be brought to the country, since the trend in the industry has been the long queues of vehicles in reserve, especially from niche brands.

Indeed, he points out that in the case of Indian Motorcycle there are 60 units that are paid for and that their owners expect to receive in the short term.

“I don’t think we will have explosive growth in 2022 like in 2021, but there is a queue of users who are still waiting. We have two containers of units that are all sold,” the executive said. Likewise, he anticipates that the market will present a significant replacement of the units in the last quarter of this year.

brand plans

The luxury motorcycle brands in Chile are BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle, which sell units over 1,000 cubic centimeters and a total of 1,400 units are distributed, according to the latest ANIM report.

Indian Motorcycle is an American company based in Iowa linked to Polaris Industries -its owners since 1954-, and it arrived in Chile in 2016. In its first year, they sold 70 units and as a result of the boom in the segment they increased their figure to 131 units in 2021 and they hope this year to be above 200 units nationwide.

In the medium term, the objective of the brand is to distribute around 350 units per year, within a strategy focused on maintaining its seal of quality. “We are the most exclusive brand as all assembly and assembly is done in our only factory in Iowa, unlike other rivals who have construction in Asia,” he says.

Meza explains that the profile of buyers of indian motorcycle They are people over 40 years old, who seek to mix technology with more classic versions visually, a position that they are looking to expand. “We are looking to lower the average age to 35 years and our advertising is targeting that segment, because we don’t want to make the same mistakes as our competitors,” she says.

Another of the objectives for this year in this area is to increase their presence in the female public, a strategy that they are promoting with the influencer Fabiana Azevedo, who has a motorcycling course for women with 27,300 followers on Instagram.

Impact of delivery

Meza shares the general vision of the sector regarding the impulse that has generated the greater demand of users who use motorcycles to work in applications such as Rappi, Uber Eats, or Cornershop.

In that sense, he pointed out that the low-displacement units -from 250 cubic centimeters down- are leading the distribution, given that they have an accessible price list and are easy to maneuver. “Chile is not a big market, but it is growing a lot. Foreigners are driving sales, because they need them to work on applications,” he said.

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Indian Motorcycle forecasts 40% growth in global motorcycle sales

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