Indra presents the Nemus Army with its new radar to protect combat tanks

the spanish company Indra has taken advantage of the celebration of the forum Army-Companies of Toledo to present to the Land Army Spanish its new electronic scanning radar Nemus for the protection of battle tanks. The company works together with the German firm rheinmetall in this development that has already passed the first tests with adverse weather conditions, according to what Indra announced during the event.

This system will allow, according to the company, the early detection of all types of threats, especially high-speed projectiles (up to 1,800 meters per second), in addition to traditional ammunition such as RPG.

The new radar is designed for the new versions (or modernizations) of the battle tanks type Leopard and future European developments such as the MGCS (Main Ground Combat System). Although, the company highlights, it will be adaptable to other platforms such as the Dragon 8×8 Wheeled Combat Vehicle (VCR) or light vehicles.

Indra is committed to applying the technology it develops for anti-aircraft radars and platforms such as combat aircraft to land platforms euro fighter. From the company they point out that this radar can act in any climate, compared to other developments of this type designed for desert environments that present deficiencies in rainy, cold and snowy conditions. The system also has the processing integrated into the radar itself without the need for an external unit, which, the company emphasizes, allows threats to be detected at high speed.

At the moment, the main objective is the early detection of kinetic threats, those high-velocity projectiles mentioned, although radar is also evolving in parallel – tests have already been carried out – to face other challenges for ground platforms such as drones (nano-UAS, UAS or UGV). After receiving the alert from the radar, the countermeasure systems, whether soft or hard kill, are automatically activated.

Indra announced the development of this radar last July, as published Regarding the tests, the company details that the radar is being able to detect the aforementioned threats in humid environments with continuous rain.

Going into detail, the system identifies, detects and tracks a wide range of threats from high kinetic energy (KE) armor-piercing warheads, tandem and triple warheads, shaped charges or diving attack vectors, depending on the manufacturer. It is a full digital 3D AESA S-band radar with high resolution and angular precision and configurable by software (SDR), with a reduced radar signature to avoid detection, comprehensive ballistic protection, including the radome, and high resistance to countermeasures.

It can detect simultaneous threats in real time, explains Indra, with very low speeds (less than 1 meter per second) and very high speeds (Mach 5) and incorporates advanced target discrimination. It also has a continuous hemispheric coverage of 360 degrees in azimuth and up to 90 degrees in elevation.

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Indra presents the Nemus Army with its new radar to protect combat tanks

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