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According to the information provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in the January-March 2022 quarter, the unemployment rate in the Atacama Region reached 8.3%, decreasing 2.5 pp. (Percentage points) in twelve months. For their part, the unemployed decreased 17.6%.

In twelve months, the estimate of the total number of employed persons increased 10.2%, being positively affected by both men and women, who increased 8.9% and 12.2%, respectively. By age group, the greatest positive influence was recorded in the segment of 35-54 years old, which rose 12.1%, followed by the group of 55 and over with an increase of 16.0% in twelve months.

In this regard, the Regional Presidential Delegate, Gerardo Tapia, said that “We are very happy because according to the results of the National Institute of Statistics, in the last quarter, we have seen a considerable drop in unemployment, that means that we have had a increase in employment of 10.2%. Even so, we maintain our concern because we are above the national average, so we have the challenge of continuing to promote policies such as the Chile Supports Inclusive Recovery Plan, announced by President Gabriel Boric, in order to serve economic sectors that are more backward such as tourism and some service areas”.

It should be noted that the economic sectors that most affected the increase in employed persons were public administration, mining and construction, which had variations of 23.2%, 8.4% and 24.0%, respectively.

The year-on-year increase in employed persons was mainly driven by the rise in formal salaried workers (12.9%), followed by own-account workers (6.3%) and the employer category (24.1%).

Meanwhile, the Seremi of Economy, Makarena Arias, pointed out “One of the fundamental impressions that we specifically collect today is that there are still gaps between men and women. We have seen that there have been sectors that have lagged behind, such as tourism and women’s enterprises, to which we are going to put a fundamental axis in our Government. On the other hand, we have also seen that one of the fundamental elements that have been raised is that the employment rate has grown, but informality has also grown, and we are going to put a central axis on that with the Chile Supports Plan, which is going to go for the benefit of families who need it most.

By occupational group, the growth of the employed population was mainly explained by the increase in the group of professionals, scientists and intellectuals (36.0%), followed by the group of machine operators and assemblers (21.8%) and the group of administrative support staff (91.4%).

Indicators in the Province of Copiapó

The unemployment rate in the province of Copiapó was 7.1%, on the other hand, the provincial employment rate stood at 57.7%. By sex, the unemployment rate for men in the province of Copiapó was 7.5%. In the case of women, the provincial unemployment rate was 6.6%.

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INE: Unemployment rate in Atacama decreases by 2.5 percentage points and employment increases by 10.2% | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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