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Wonder Woman joins the new renumbering and renaming of the DC universe. she’s over ‘Renaissance’ and starts ‘Infinite Frontier’ And with this comes some changes, both in creative teams and in some headlines. Diana, following her pivotal role in defeating the ‘Batman Who Laughs’ in ‘Death Metal’begins this new new journey by changing mythology.

The rider leaves behind the stage of G. Willow Wilson that had been, in my humble opinion, somewhat weak especially since the beginning of Greg Rucka (Lazarus) was more than remarkable and returned the character to the deserved place of privilege.

“Vikings. Asgard. Thor. Valkyries. No, you’re not in the wrong comic! Dawn breaks in Valhalla and Wonder Woman wakes up in the middle of a battle. This is how the day after Diana begins after the events of infinite border num. 0. With a new creative team made up of the screenwriters becky cloonan Y Michael W. Conrad and the cartoonist Travis Moore! In the plugin story, Jordie Bellaire Y Pauline Ganucheau show us the hidden secrets of the Amazon warrior’s past.”

Mead, eternal battles and Valkyries

Wonder Woman appears in Valhalla in the middle of the battle daily confrontation with the Nordic warriors only remembering that her name is Diana. That’s where this 160-page paperback starts.

We will attend a cycle of banquets, war and resurrection in which our protagonist will be immersed while an enigmatic figure asks her to let herself be carried away by this world and to return.

Diana will meet classic characters from this mythology among which are Thor, Odin or Siegfried. With the latter, she will maintain a relationship beyond battle companions, which will be what will involve her in an adventure in which she will be involved by very important beings and places from the Viking sagas.

It is true that Thor’s character makes you want to slap him to see if she gets rid of the nonsense and has more flaws than virtues, but it works well to be the opposite of what Wonder Woman stands for.

Infinite Frontier Review Wonder Woman 1 Diana Visits Valhalla

The journey that the Amazon will undertake through all Scandinavian folklore is going to leave us a very entertaining adventure that will show us places as well known as yggdrasil (the tree of life) or helheim (The kingdom of the dead). A story that will not bore us and that leaves us wanting to see what will happen to our heroine after this first arc and the presentation of the second.

I don’t want to forget about Ratatosk, a squirrel that lives in Yggdrasil whowho will accompany Diana throughout this trip and who will support her in difficult times. A character that is much more than he seems.

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At the end of this volume we will have a story of Diana’s youth in Themyscira, scripted by Jordie Bellaire. with that juvenile comic tone but that is very well written. A plot about the learning of the heiress to the throne and that will leave us wanting to know the secrets hidden on the island of the Amazons regarding her past.

The drawing in both stories is at a good level, but if I have to highlight some artists they must be Pauline Ganucheau Y kendall goode that get Bellaire’s great script up a couple more points. The ‘young adult’ style hides a somewhat deeper story than I expected by the visual aspect of this part of the tome.

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A good start for Wonder Woman after ‘Death Metal’ that increases a little the interest in the adventures of the Amazon after the lazy time we have had.

The change of scenery and mythology has been a breath of fresh air that takes us into stories about gods that are likely to continue in the next volume, although in different settings.

We hope the Wonder Woman header grows and leave us a great stage, especially since the plot that Jordie Bellaire presents us interests me a lot. Human curiosity is like that.

I hope and wish that Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad raise the bar and the quality of the series since With this new ‘Status Quo’ in DC we have many headers and earning a place in the essential ones is not going to be easy.

Here is the ECC Ediciones website where you can find this Wonder Woman comic and its cover:

wonder woman

And I say goodbye with that mythical poem from the tape of ‘The 13th Warrior’ from John McTiernan:

“Behold, I see my father, behold, I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers. Behold, I see the lineage of my people to its beginnings. And behold, they call me, they ask me to take my place among them, in the courts of Valhalla, the place where the brave live forever.

Greetings from Asgard.

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Infinite Frontier Review: Wonder Woman #1 | Diana visits Valhalla – The things that make us happy

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