IRON ALLIES: Video for “Blood In Blood Out”

Iron Allies
Iron Allies

It is the new group of ex-ACCEPT Herman Frank and David Reece

iron alliesthe new band formed by the former members of ACCEPT Herman Frank and David Reecewill release his recording debut, “blood in blood out“, with AFM Records on October 21, 2022.

“Blood In Blood Out” has been recorded at the Horus Sound studio in Hannover, Germany, with co-producer Arne Neurand. Along with Frank and Reece on the IRON ALLIES album, mixed and mastered by Dennis Wardare the drummer Francesco Jovino (UDO, PRIMAL FEAR, VOODOO CIRCLE, JORN), bassist malte burkert and the rhythm guitarist Mike Pesin.

Frank says: “We leave nothing to chance. All the stalls were perfectly distributed“.

This is how the song that gives the work its name sounds:

“Blood In Blood Out”

About the debut, Frank comments: “This record can’t compare to anything David or I have produced in our past. At the same time, it stands on its own, while sounding like it came from the same mould. One could say: the two of us have sought and found each other.”

AFM adds: “While these two exceptional musicians have known each other for a long time, sparks began to fly during Frank’s visit to Piacenza (Italy), where the American Reece has been living after marrying an Italian.”

“We hit it off right away because David – like me – is not only an old workhorse, but a total lover of music,” says Herman Frank. “Only with this unwavering passion for music You can last as long as we can in this shark tank.”

The guitarist adds: “I love David’s voice, that unique mix of Metal, Rock and Blues. Plus, he’s an impressive lyricist, and as an American, he obviously has a much larger vocabulary than non-English speaking singers.”

The official music video for the album’s first single, “full of surprises“, will be released on Thursday, August 4. Frank says about the song: “The unusual tresillo rhythm, the guitar work that I can put my soul into, combined with David’s distinctive voice, which is always full of melody and never just screaming, this amazing mix serves as the perfect appetizer for our album.”

The main theme, “blood in blood out“, will also be released as a single, accompanied by a lyric video. A third single/video, “Destroyers Of The Night“, will also be available.

“In a way, ‘Blood In Blood Out’ is the IRON ALLIES tagline,” explains Herman. “This band formed as a blood brotherhoodAnd no one gets out of here without spilling blood.

AFM concludes: IRON ALLIES are more than sure that this concept will also convince concert organizers, tour promoters and, above all, their fans. Because, as Frank says, “People love strong characters. They want to see real men, not little boys“IRON ALLIES is made up of old school gentlemen and ‘Blood In Blood Out’ provides the perfect soundtrack for it.”

The songs on the album are:

01. full of surprises
02. Blood In Blood Out
03. Destroyers Of The Night
04. Fear No Evil
05. Evil The Gun
06. Martyrs Burn
07.Blood On The Land
08. Nightmares In My Mind
09.Selling Out
10. Freezing
11. Truth Never Mattered
12. We Are Legend (You And I)

More about IRON ALLIES in his official Web.

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IRON ALLIES: Video for “Blood In Blood Out”

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