Irregular financing of Karina Oliva splashes René Naranjo, Emilia Schneider and Tomás Hirsch | Digital medium The Northern Fox

The former candidate for the Metropolitan Governor karina olive assured that several of the invoices objected to by the Electoral Service (Servel) in his report on electoral expenses, were donations he made to candidatures of mayors and deputies of the Broad Front.

as reported The Third PM, Olive, who is under investigation for alleged grant fraudreported on December 28 to Servel that a significant number of these invoices were not to finance his campaign, but are «amounts deducted that correspond to donations made to other candidates«.

Among those who received money from the former candidate for the Senate, according to her testimony, are the deputies in office of the Commons Party Emilia Schneider, Camila Rojas and Ana María Gazmuri, and the former militant of the Humanist Party Tomás Hirsch.

To these names were added the candidates for the Constitutional Convention René Naranjo and Camila Musante, in addition to the candidate for mayor of Las Condes Marcela Cubillos (Humanist Action) and CORE Gianina Romero, among others.

Due to this, Servel stated that it will not return to Oliva the amount of the disputed bills, which exceed 68 million pesos, since It is about money used for irregular campaign financing.

«The electoral refund is personal and non-transferablewhich is why your request for reimbursement will be rejected with respect to the documents listed in the previous recital, in the part that has been deducted, which adds up to a total of $68,587,505″, indicated the director of Servel, Raul Garciaaccording to the aforementioned medium.

It was also indicated that the candidate for metropolitan governor, who lost in the second round to Claudio Orrego (DC), detailed in an appeal before the Court of Santiago that she gave these monies to other campaigns and not for personal financial gainwhile also reporting that what was delivered in aid is related to “flyers, pigeons, sound kits, balcony windows, bags and garbage cans.”


In response to what was indicated by Oliva, the deputy Emilia Schneider clarified this Tuesday that in his candidacy for Congress he received “contributions such as banners, flounces and balconies from the former candidate.

Articles that were accepted, he assured, “before knowing the facts that we all already know” and that, furthermore, “were duly rendered and approved by the Electoral Service«.

«I am available to clarify all the facts that are necessarybecause the irregular financing of politics is an issue that we have to combat decisively”, assured the parliamentarian.


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Irregular financing of Karina Oliva splashes René Naranjo, Emilia Schneider and Tomás Hirsch | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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