Is Superman & Lois ready for a possible cancellation?

Since The CW is removing superhero content, if Superman & Lois is also canceled, the series already has the structure for a proper ending.

It’s sad for a DC Comics fan to see the number of DC superhero TV series that have been cancelled.

Let’s remember: ‘The Flash’ will end with the ninth season, while series like ‘bat-woman’ they were disposed of inelegantly and full of loose ends. Unfortunately, after a month of rumors, another bad news has been confirmed. ‘Stargirl’ will also end.

Superman & Lois may be canceled

Therefore, many anticipate that ‘Superman & Lois’ could be the network’s future cancellation, and this is reinforced by the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery is considering making another Man of Steel movie with Henry Cavill. As bad news as it may be, though, the series is well poised to cope and end on a proper closing note. Although of course, all this will depend on the criteria of the viewers and loyal fans of The CW series.

In the series the Kent family comes together and charts a future in Smallville. Clark and Lois concluded the second season by stopping the Parasite and saving their planet from a dark merger with the Bizarro World.

After that, Clark’s marriage is stable, Jordan is improving as Superboy, and Jon has stopped using performance-enhancing drugs. Lois uses the Smallville Gazette to protect Kal-El’s identity and try to change the world like she did with the Daily Planet.

Superman & Lois

So the Kents just have to put up with the ultimate threat, and viewers can easily fill in the blanks for Jordan to succeed his father.

Also, the Kents don’t hide the truth about Clark and Jordan’s powers from Lana’s family, so they’re as close as ever, allowing Jordan and Sarah to have a solid romance.

There is the perfect villain to end the Superman & Lois series

Although we are sure that millions of fans wish he was one of the greats like Doomsday, Darkseid, Brainiac, Lobo or Mongol, these villains have done the same thing before in comics and animated films, so Intergang seems like the best enemy to finish. now that Lex Luthor is on the Titans.

With his alien technology he can push Clark to his limits. Put a lot of pressure on him. In this way, John Diggle could unleash his Green Lantern potential.

We do not doubt that if the series is finally canceled, hopefully not, it will hurt the fans. Definitely. This Superman has been received with great affection by all and is in the collective imagination of all of them a kind of adequate substitute for the first Superman films. The series has redefined Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel for a new generation.

Superman & Lois

We do not know for sure if the project of the new man of steel movie de Cavill is going to have such a negative impact on the series, or if Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategy of adjusting its budget as much as possible can be the cause, or that the new directing by James Gunn at DC Studiostaking charge of series and movies, will lead to an irremediable lowering of the curtain.

The said. I hope not. The average quality of the series could be enough to save it. This new season 3 will have a lot to say about it. More than anything, because having the name of our website clear, we are not too happy about cancellations related to Superman. But no grace.

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Is Superman & Lois ready for a possible cancellation?

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