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The shadow of the bat is long thanks to an Arkham saga that has been able to lead the way when it comes to superhero games. Gotham Knights doesn’t have Batman, but it does have a team of heroes who, beyond the cooperative component, have proven to be up to the task in my first hours of solo play.

Gotham Knights is one of the most important video games of 2022 that has been full of great works, and yet it does not seem to be free of doubts and controversies. After the cancellation of the PS4 and Xbox One versions, and some creative licenses that did not convince a good part of DC fans, some skepticism could be breathed regarding the Warner Bros. Games Montreal title, especially from the fans. players who thought to walk the streets of Gotham dispensing justice alone. Although nowadays, the release of cooperative titles is always good news, bet on multiplayer is something that usually makes all those who usually play solo. Honestly, it’s the way I usually enjoy this type of adventure and after having donned the bat suit in the Arkham saga, I wanted to change my vigilante without being forced to completely sacrifice a playable approach that I had loved so far. .

But having played Gotham Knights for just over two hours, I can tell you that You have nothing to fear if you have no intention of sharing the fight with your friends, because at no time have I had the feeling that I was missing anything by advancing alone in this new adventure set in the universe of the Caped Crusader. My session in this first contact with Gotham Knights has been completely alone and at different points in history, having been able to fight with most of the characters that star in this adventure and the first thing I have been able to observe is that Gotham Knights organizes its world in a very intelligent way, with a new secret base, the Bell Tower, which replaces the Batcave and where we can choose heroask Alfred for advice, review our next missions on the central computer, analyze clues about pending cases, customize our team or develop skills, a space that serves as a link between our characters and a point of reference for a map that is really huge.

A huge and well represented Gotham

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Gotham is well represented through its different districts and I have been able to visit some of the most representative places in the city. To get around, I have used some of the unique abilities of our protagonists, like Batgirl’s gliding cape, which, combined with tools like the hook gun, have allowed me to drastically close the gap. The use of these tools is agile and intuitive, and serves to take our security guards to almost any nearby point in our environment, giving them a great verticality to the planning of the action. This directly influences the importance of stealth in combat: yes, most of the time I have been able to solve problems by force, but I have even failed a mission for not taking things more calmly.

Gotham Knights organizes its world in a very intelligent way

The motorcycle has been the vehicle that I have used when I have had to travel long distances and without a doubt it has been the element that has cost me the most to adapt to. It’s fast, we can execute some skills when riding it, like doing wheelies to get over some obstacles, but his control has been somewhat strange to me and at times, difficult to master. Once the points that gave way to the missions have been reached on the map, the open world is left behind and I have found a narrative that takes its weight in the game seriously. The development of the story is not without cinematics and in general, the development of the plot inside buildings presented a level design full of clues, collectibles, small puzzles and space for the research and exploration.

The most memorable mission I’ve ever played was one involving the charismatic harley quinn and it followed a classic structure for adventure games with some cinematics, an exploration part in which we collaborated with Harley to solve a mystery, an action part especially well set thanks to its soundtrack and a confrontation against the final boss of the area, Harley Quinn herself. This is the confrontation that Warner Bros. showed us last August, and I have to admit that the villain with the hammer he has not made things easy for me. Harley thrived on a combination of melee combos and long range attacks. The scenario is reactive and forces us to keep our eyes on our surroundings, while the development of the boss was organized with several phases in which some minor enemies came into play.

Rhythmic combat: combos and dodges

I've played Gotham Knights and it's more Batman Arkham than I thought

The combat is quite rhythmic, especially when the game tests our skills with bosses or mobs. Each enemy has its particularities: some keep a guard that we will have to overcome with heavy attacks, others will damage us from a distance and we will find ourselves with unstoppable attacks and elements of the scene to support us, but, ultimately, the system seems to depend on our ability for chain combos and dodges while taking advantage of the particular abilities of each of our heroes. This is one of the points that generates the most doubts in me because, although I have found enemies with interesting abilities in the time that I have been able to play, I am really interested in knowing how many different types of enemies I will be able to face and how the combat will evolve when I have all the tools that the game provides us to make our way through Gotham.

I've played Gotham Knights and it's more Batman Arkham than I thought

An open world action game that doesn’t sacrifice single player narrative

So far, I have found a open world action game that doesn’t sacrifice the single player narrative in favor of its multiplayer component, that intelligently connects the open world with the more linear development of its main missions and that presents a visually stunning Gotham City which I am looking forward to exploring. A title where stealth is a tool to be taken into account, investigation and exploration have their place, with numerous customization options, character development and RPG elements and that, in short, makes great promises that I would love to see fulfilled .

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I’ve Played Gotham Knights And It’s More Batman Arkham Than I Thought – Gotham Knights – 3dgames

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