James Gunn could direct the next Superman movie

James Gunn could direct the next Superman movie

Definitely, James Gunn has become the character of the week after it was announced that he, along with Peter Saffran, would take command of DC after the departure of the controversial Walter Hamada . Since the conflicts he had with Marvel Studios after his dismissal a couple of years ago and his arrival in the DCEU, there has been speculation about whether he is now or more competition for Kevin Feig and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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As is evident, Gunn could not speak ill of the company that gave so much visibility to his work and even less so now that he has two projects close to being released (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the Christmas special), that is why he has declared that he does not consider himself a rival of Feige and less of the franchise to which he belonged. He has called a lot of attention the way he has grown and how he has developed in this other company now as a leader.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Gunn had said he wasn’t interested in taking over the helm he now has, and it’s not an easy offer to turn down, but it does give him a chance to restore a path that has been marred in more ways than one. of an occasion for making wrong decisions. Plus, it could mean doors are opening for a lot more characters from DC comics.

Some reports indicate that when the also director of Crawling Creatures (86%)he was given a wide list of characters to choose from which he would like to make a movie about, and that list included Superman, but Gunn, as usual, preferred to take the opportunity to select the least seen characters on the big screen. that would give you more creative freedom by not having previous versions to be compared with.

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But the fact that at that time he refused to take Clark Kent does not mean that it is something completely ruled out, and less so now that he has returned. henry cavillofficially. It is true that for now we will surely see Cavill share the scene with Dwayne Johnson in a future production Black Adam (52%)but fans have increased their hope of seeing a sequel to the The Man of Steel (55%).

For now it is uncertain that with the changes that have arisen, Zack Snyderdirector of the Superman movie within the DCEU, may return as well, and some users of Reddit They have not stopped speculating that, if Gunn already had the project before his eyes and said that “at that time he was not interested”, it may be that it is still among his options, more so now that he is in charge of directing DC, of what he had also said not to be interested.

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The truth is that the style of James Gunn It is very far from Snyder’s – although they have already worked together at some point and there is great respect on both sides –, so it would be difficult to strictly expect a sequel to what had already been seen. Also, Superman doesn’t seem to be the kind of character the filmmaker likes to play with, especially if we have as a reference to Peacemakers (86%) which is the complete opposite of the Kryptonian.

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James Gunn could direct the next Superman movie

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