John Malkovich was Vulture in Spider-Man 4, until it was cancelled: these are the photos of his spectacular wings

we all know that Toby Maguire starred in the first three films of spider-man in the universe of Sony, but few know that a fourth was going to be made. It featured more villains, including Angelina Jolie with a character to designate and john malkovich like Vulture.

In recent years several details have been known about the canceled Spider-Man 4 with Sam Raimi as director. And recently they showed what the wings that Malkovich would use were like in the role that, three films later, would be played by Michael Keaton.

Ken Penders, comic book writer and artist, released an image of the style of the wings. It closely resembles Keaton’s, but they were much sharper.

Writes Penders on his Twitter account along with the photo of the wings:

“Before Sony fired Tobey and Sam, work on Spider-Man 4 had already begun. I visited some friends who were working on the Vulture costume for actor John Malkovich. Once production was shut down, all materials were delivered. I’ve sat on this for almost 15 years.”

A Twitter user, named @DolosGallo, showed a video with the wings.

“Awesome! I assume your friend was part of the Frontline Design team. I know those wings were sold online and were on display at the Edmonton Prop Museum in 2019, before it closed.”

“Actually, it was,” Penders replied. “He was also responsible for making Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man costumes in Spider-Man 3. He said the web pattern on the costume was the hardest thing to do.”

@DolosGallo also showed some costume templates for Vulture, designed by Yuji Katagiri.

John Malkovich’s Vulture in Spider-Man 4 would have been much more violent

Vulture, or The Vulture in Spanish, would end up being played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), with Tom Holland as the spider hero and Jon Watts as the director.

The film was a box office success, grossing $880.2 million, after using a budget of $175 million. However, as indicated ScreenRant, the role of Vulture posed by Sam Raimi in his Spider-Man 4 would have been very different.

“A recent book on all things Spider-Man revealed that the Vulture had gotten their name in Spider-Man 4. leaving nothing but bones behind, hinting that the character may have been more violent and ruthless than Keaton’s version.”

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John Malkovich was Vulture in Spider-Man 4, until it was cancelled: these are the photos of his spectacular wings

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