‘John Wick 4’: the trailer for the longest film in the saga

The clip that anticipates the return of the character of Keanu Reeves to theaters, which will be in March 2023, was released.

metaverse fans john wick they are receiving good news. Days ago it was made official that Keanu Reeves I was going to give life to the legendary killer in The Ballerinathe spin-off led by Ana de Armas that’s on the way Now, lionsgate broke the news that released the new trailer for john wick 4.

As reported Espinof, This fourth installment of the saga will be the first in which I did not participate Derek Kolstadthe screenwriter who created the character.

“This time they are shay hattenwho already participated in the script of John Wick: Chapter 3 – ParabellumY Michael Finchwho are in charge of writing it,” says the specialized media. Where there is no change is behind the scenes: Chad Stahelski is back.

This is what Keanu Reeves will look like in ‘John Wick 4’.

Now we will see how the character played by Reeves will do everything possible to take revenge on the members of the Table high, and that the price of his head does not stop growing. However, Wick will not give up on his efforts and will seek support throughout the world, starting with New York, but also in Paris, Osaka or Berlin.

Espinof anticipates that john wick 4 it will be “the longest film in the saga”, detail that surely does not rule out the addition of brutal super action scenes. In its cast, names like Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane either lance reddickwhile among the novelties stand out Donnie Yen, Bill SkarsgardClancy Brown, and Scott Adkins.

A success from the start

After various postponements -some as a result of Reeves’ commercial commitments with matrix Resurrections-, the premiere of john wick 4 is scheduled for 24 March 2023.

The beginning of the saga dates from 2014. The story centers on John Wick (Reeves) searching for the men who broke into his house, stole his vintage 1969 Ford Mustang, and killed his puppy, his last gift to him from his recently deceased wife. .

John Wick as the years go by: here, Keanu Reeves from the second part.

John Wick as the years go by: here, Keanu Reeves from the second part.

The film received positive reviews, with specialists rating it as “one of Reeves’ best performances and one of the best action movies of 2014”.

Collection 86 million of dollars around the world, against a modest production budget which did not exceed 20 million. Then came two sequels:John Wick: Chapter 2, Y John Wick: Chapter 3- arabellumreleased in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

The success was enormous and it did not take long for another sequel to be considered, John Wick: Chapter 4, which was scheduled for a premiere in May 2022.

I love his will, his passion. I love the depth of feeling in her. I like the honor of her. I like how he fights for his life. I like his sense of humor,” Reeves said of his lucky character.

In an interview with OKAY! Magazine He was asked how many more years he could continue playing John Wick and the actor thought for 16 seconds and then replied that, if it were up to him, he claims that the franchise “get as far as my legs can take me. Or as far as the public wants to go”.

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‘John Wick 4’: the trailer for the longest film in the saga

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