Jon Kent’s greatest hero is not Superman

The new Superman admitted that he waited for this hero to rescue him from his prison years ago

In Superman: Son of Kal-El #9From the writer Tom Taylor and the artist Bruno Roundone of the members of the organization known as Rising whom they were interrogating was remotely assassinated by the president Henry Bendixdying in the arms of John Kent. This caused Jon to blame himself for not detecting the explosive inside the man soon enough.

However, when Nightwing tried to comfort him, he admitted that during his years trapped in the Earth-3, i hoped it was Nightwing who will save him and not his father. This ties back to his first meeting, but also hints that Jon may be suffering from trauma related to his father thanks to Ultraman.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #9

Jon Kent and Nightwing relationship

When the two first met, Jon had run away from home, prompting a worldwide search by Superman and the Justice League to find it. Were batman and nightwing who tracked him down, but when Jon was startled by the Dark Knight’s appearance, Nightwing he calmed the boy down, being the gentle, reassuring presence Jon needed after worrying that he would never find his way home.

nightwing 89 superman
Vignette from Nightwing #89 by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo

This experience stayed with Jon. So when he was captured by ultra man and separated from his family, he secretly hoped that Nightwing whoever found it. He would spend years in that prison of fire wishing that Dick Grayson show up and bring him home. Of course, it never happened. While Jon languished for years, it only took a few days for Nightwing. So, Jon had to break free, but he still kept Nightwing like his hero.

superman nightwing
Superman: Son of Kal-El #9

Why Nightwinginstead of his father? Jon missed him, of course, but why not wait for his father, who would have more experience with his situation, to come and save him? The answer may lie in who specifically imprisoned Jon: ultra man from Earth-3

Like the evil version of Clark Kent, ultra man is the opposite of Superman, is largely disconnected from the people of Earth and sees himself as superior. He enjoys the power of it, but it creates a feeling of loneliness that he can never escape. When Jon showed up, ultra man he saw a kindred spirit, or at least someone similar to him. Someone who is worth having a conversation with and unloading his deepest insecurities on Jon. The boy essentially became Ultraman’s therapist, and Ultraman was the only person Jon was able to interact with for years.

Due to the physical similarities of ultra man with Clark, it is possible that Jon began to dread his visits and subconsciously began to reject the idea of ​​his father showing up to rescue him because it would mean Ultraman would return. It’s twisted and tragic, but it makes a lot of sense. Still, even though Jon has suffered trauma from his time locked up, he still clings to the kindness that Nightwing gave him and seeks to share it with the world. If she was able to hold on to that through all of his pain, then Nightwing might have unintentionally helped Jon survive his years of captivity.

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Jon Kent’s greatest hero is not Superman

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