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Juan Fernando Rosales Rodríguez, better known as “El Zorro”has enjoyed a fruitful career in the media over 26 years. He has dedicated himself body and soul to his work in conducting and locutionbut what he enjoys the most is remaining in the taste of the people, as he revealed in an interview for MILLENNIUM the announcer of La Caliente.

Juan Fernando, is a graduate of the Communication Sciences career, entered ISCYTACthen it was ISCYTAC La Salle and finally he graduated from ULSA, “I started in 1993 and I graduated in 1997, I was studying and I was already in a commercial station, I was in the group Radio Estéreo Mayrán, Estéreo Gallito, I was already doing my internship and here I joined Multimedios on December 5, 2007”, he recounted.

Fernando has really enjoyed his time in the media, because he fully lives from this, “yes I do other things, but this is the strong part to which I dedicate myself. It is a process, you have to understand it that way and the consequence that you do well economically is a consequence of the work, of being in this for years”.

when asking him what is your secret to stay in the taste of your listeners he replied smiling, “it is that if I say it they can copy the formula, look closely, that wave is not mine, once I was turned around and listened to two announcers on other stations, with other people and they asked him, I was in another talk and I was able to hear on the rebound that he said, it is that you always have to talk to the microphone as if it were your best friend. If your best friend is your dad, your girlfriend, a friend, your son, things will never go wrong for you and yes it is true, I applied that, we gave him, we gave him and the net by logic is the reason.

He commented that, “I speak to him as if the person who speaks to me on the air knew him from 15 or 20 years ago, I imagine him, I try to ask him things to get to know him a little more and that’s where the conversation comes from”.

Rosales Rodríguez has also ventured into television, “I was on TV Azteca about 18 years ago, then on RGT on Telecable, then on Megacable, then on ‘Mira qué bonito’ for about three years, but not writing in the press. Over time you realize it, you try and begin to develop, you begin to like it and you say, I’m from here, I was excited when Iván Monárrez taught me at the university, he said don’t stain it, I’m going to have it here every days, he was my teacher, we became friends and now he is my compadre”.

For “El Zorro” the most important and most beautiful thing that has allowed him to be in the middle is to have good healthhealth is very important, materially what my career has given me is being able to take my children on trips and enjoy them, give them a good education, that’s what I really enjoy”.

polishing your style

From entry to Multimedia, 14 years agothe announcer has always belonged to La Caliente and the greeting that already characterizes him among his listeners is when he expresses the word “iron”, when questioned how it came about, he explained, “I used to say to say goodbye, behave yourself, take good care of yourselves, God bless you and run away, that’s what I said and the first day I was here, that’s how I said goodbye anyway and a cousin, Jessica, spoke to me about it and he tells me, why don’t you say iron and I said, let me see and that’s where I started. Now people tell me to send him some iron so he can lighten up, it’s like a vitamin”.

As everything, there are educated listeners and some who have become rude, “yes, like everything, recently it happened to me on a remote control, they come by and yell at you, so, here the thing is that one must have a cool head. I can turn around, I can get pissed off and I can tell them about their mother, but I think you have to put up with it, one has to clench one’s teeth, for example here in 14 years I can tell you that there are six mother talks, once I told my mom and she told me, mijo they are like calls to mass, if you want to go and if you don’t want to, don’t go”.

Y for the faithful followers of “El Zorro”, who want to know more about his life, his activity is not limited to the media, he is also trying his luck in singing.

In this regard, he detailed, “since I was a child I began to sing in the trucks, to be precise in the Circunvalación, I was about 6 years old, a cousin and an aunt brought me up, they went with me, they joined the fair and they bought me a wafer and they already they stayed with the other fair. We currently have three unreleased professional songs, two are by Ernesto Bueno de Mapimí, but he lives in Detroit, Michigan, one is called Bendito amor, which is with a band, the other is Fierro, fierro, it’s a cumbia and the new one, which I just released About a month ago it was called El favor, by a composer from Lerdo, ”said the also singer.

Finally thanked the company for the opportunity provided and the listener for his preferencethanks to Multimedios for the opportunity, for the trust, that I was always in numbers behind La Caliente, when I was in other stations, and today we have to be here, thank God and the listener, as long as you are part of people’s lives that they listen to you, the rest comes in addition, fieeeerro”.


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Juan Fernando Rosales The Fox | Who is the announcer of La Caliente

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