Kickboxer Emanuel Ramponi joined professional boxing

the athlete Emmanuel Ramponi 33 years old, a native of General Alvear, accredits a wide trajectory in the kick boxing At national and international level. He was Argentine champion in 2013 and won gold medals representing our country in the 2012 Pan American Games (Foz de Iguazú, Brazil) and in the 2015 South American Games (Santiago de Chile), among other achievements in the professional medal table of this contact sport.

Mendoza’s objectives for the remainder of 2021, if the health situation due to the pandemic allows it, to resume professional skills at the local and national level, both in kick boxing as in boxing. His family is made up of his parents, Miguel and Silvia, and two brothers: Maximiliano and Nicolás. For about eight years he has run a kick boxing academy in Luján de Cuyo.

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Ramponi explained: “I have been practicing boxing for about eight years, always with the same people. Matías Lucero, who is my teacher, and Antonio Martínez, and we already had the idea of ​​fighting as a professional boxer for some time, but for one reason or another, things didn’t happen to fight. I managed to fight two as an amateur and since I had kick boxing fights, they gave me the chance to get my boxing license a little faster”.

His professional boxing debut

“At the beginning of this year we began to process it, I did all the medical studies, it was approved by the Argentine Boxing Federation (FAB) and they sent me the license. On May 15 I was able to make my debut as a professional boxer, during an event without an audience held in Eugenio Bustos, San Carlos”indicated.

“Five amateur fights and three professionals were held -added- and one of them was mine. I faced Miguel Giménez (Godoy Cruz). It was his third fight as a professional, four rounds in the welterweight division. I ended up winning the match on points on a split decision. I felt very comfortable, I enjoyed it a lot, because after the pandemic, being able to compete again after practically a year and a half, it was very satisfying and even more so, taking the victory”.

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He then considered that “For the remainder of this year, we continue preparing ourselves, training kick boxing alongside boxing, waiting for confirmations of fights, taking into account that due to the pandemic situation, events are without an audience and it becomes more difficult to get fights, but we are waiting, prepared and with all the desire to fight again, either in kick boxing or boxing, but thank God, the doors are opening to fight in boxing soon, and waiting for the possibility of doing it in kick as well. boxing”.

Later, the athlete stated: “I continue to teach and train at my academy in the RC Kickboxing gym, located at 354 Balcarce street in Luján. In boxing I am training in Maipú, in Lucero Martinez Box. Being used to fighting kick boxing, which is hands and legs, going to fight in boxing has its disadvantage, since when facing someone who is only working with their hands, they have a little more speed or are more used to working in a different way. to what kick boxing is, but with the training time I’ve had, it wasn’t difficult for me, I felt comfortable and I enjoyed it a lot”.

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A lifestyle

“Wear 12 years training kick boxing and about 8 boxing simultaneously“, expressed Ramponi, to end with a message for young people who want to venture into contact sports: “That they take the first step, that they look for a gym with teachers trained to teach, that every time they can go to try a sport of Enjoy contact and take advantage of it and take it as a lifestyle to improve in every aspect that you can. I believe that practicing any sport is a way to get off the street, it helps a lot in these times that we are living and offers us a healthier life”, concluded.

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Kickboxer Emanuel Ramponi joined professional boxing

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