Kickboxer Macarena Orellana rejects Luksic’s financial help: “I don’t trust your philanthropy (…) You try to use my need to clean up your image”

The Chilean kickboxer Macarena Orellana qualified for the World Cup in Egypt -to be held from October 18 to 24- in low kick mode and in the category of up to 54 kilos. The athlete herself published that she needs money to attend the World Cup. In this context, the employer Andronicus Luksic offered financial aid, which Orellana refused.

“Maca, count on my support to go to the World Cup. This time you must be able to do it and come to Egypt to represent Chile with all your heart. We will contact you. Much success,” Luksic said on his Twitter account.

The kickboxer replied to the businessman. “I have thought a lot about how to respond, on the one hand, I feel that this money, which clearly should be left over by you, is basically a debt to all the hard-working people who have lived impoverished and giving their work and life so that people like you pockets can be filled, with the misery of the people and the destruction of the territories,” he said.

“Basically, that money belongs to all the people who inhabit this territory, even so, I would never accept it. First Andronicus, I do not trust your philanthropy, if you wanted to help me and your wish was of good will, you would have deposited it in the account that was made public,” snapped Orellana.

“However, you are trying to use my financial need to clean up your image (that of someone who has destroyed the ecosystem of this territory and thereby made the lives of thousands of people more precarious),” he added.

“I wonder how much money you save on donations law taxes by offering something like that? I imagine that the millions that I need are nothing to you, you could even finance the entire team and it would be how much? The money you raise in a day?”, Placed the athlete.

“I prefer to receive a hundred pesos from honest people, who believe in my work, in my activism, in my sports and teaching life, who put their bodies like me every day to face this brutal capitalist system that destroys territories and people’s lives, I prefer honest money from hard-working people, even if it takes me months to get it,” he said.

Along these lines, he stated that he prefers “to act from an ethic that does not put money at the center (…) an ethic of actions seeks to honor the life of Macarena Valdés, of Bau, of the dissidents, of all the people killed in the October revolt, mutilated or imprisoned, of the people who live in resistance in the Wallmapu territory, confronting foresters, miners and landowners… For all this and more, I say NO”.

In response, Luksic said: “I clarify that in all the help we have given, we have never asked for anything in return. We do it because we believe in the importance of supporting Chilean athletes. I respect your opinion and wish you the best in your challenges.” “.

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Kickboxer Macarena Orellana rejects Luksic’s financial help: “I don’t trust your philanthropy (…) You try to use my need to clean up your image”

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