Killer Kross and Matt Cross will face each other in MLW Battle Riot IV

Important news for the event MLW, Battle Riot IV. Major League Wrestling (MLW) has confirmed new fights for the billboard of Battle Riot IV, an event that will be held from the Melrose Ballroom in New York on June 23.

Killer Kross will be back in MLW Battle Riot IV. After returning to Major League Wrestling during the SuperFight event, and showing various vignettes in MLW Fusion over the past few weeks, Killer Kross has demanded a match at Battle Riot IV and César Durán has granted it. Matt Cross will face “Doomsday” in MLW’s return tonight to “The Big Apple”.

MLW adds the latest names to the Battle Riot Match

Major League Wrestling has also added the latest participants in the Battle Riot Match, not counting the surprises that the MLW Battle Royal surely brings us tonight.Gangrel, Arez, Mr. Thomas and Dr. Dax They are the last fighters announced for the most special fight in MLW.

It should be remembered Battle Riot IV will take place on thursday June 23 from the Melrose Ballroom in New Yorkin which it will be the return of Major League Wrestling to “the Big Apple” in almost three years due to the difficult situations derived from the pandemic.

The Battle Riot is a Royal Rumble-style match 40-man tournament where eliminations can occur via pinfall, submission, or over the top rope. Every sixty seconds a new participant will enter a chaotic fight and in which there is no disqualification. The winner of Battle Riot will get the Golden Ticket that grants him a match for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

Provisional Billboard MLW Battle Riot IV

Battle Riot Match
Jacob Fatu, Killer Kross, Bandido, Richard Holliday, EJ Nduka, Lince Dorado, Matt Cross, Ross and Marshall Von Erich, Mini Abismo Negro, Budd Heavy, Alex Kane, Calvin Tankman, KC Navarro, Juicy Finau, Lance Anoa’i, Real 1 (nZo), Davey Richards, Little Guido, Ace Romero, Savio Vega, The SAT: Los Maximos, La Estrella, Microman, Mads Krügger, Myron Reed, ‘Cashflow’ Ken Broadway, WARHORSE, Gangrel, Arez, Mr. Thomas , Dr. Dax and 7 fighters to meet during the same fight night.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Bandit (with César Durán)

Fatal 4 Way for the MLW World Middleweight Championship
Myron Reed (c) vs. Arez vs. The Star vs. golden lynx

MLW National Openweight Championship
Alex Kane (c) (with Mr. Thomas) vs. Davey Richards

Jacob Fatu vs. Royal 1

Killer Kross (with Scarlett Bordeaux) vs. Matt Cross

The Von Erichs vs. The Samoan SWAT Team

Women’s World Featherweight Championship
Taya Valkyrie vs. Brittany Blake

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Clara Carreras

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Killer Kross and Matt Cross will face each other in MLW Battle Riot IV

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