Krypto could soon appear in Superman and Lois

The last season of Superman and Loiscurrently on air at The CW and streaming on hbo maxis leaving many easter eggs for fans of Iron Man. In the last few episodes we are making much more progress in the main plot and all the loose ends are being connected for the final stretch of the season. A major easter eggs has been the 2×10 Bizarre in a bizarre world‘, and you may have missed it. And it is that it has been possible to reveal the future appearance of the krypto superdog in Superman and Lois.

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Has the latest episode of Superman and Lois left a clue about Krypto?

At the beginning of the ninth episode of this second season, Superman traveled to Bizarre World in order to prevent Ally Alston merged with his I bizarre In the tenth episode we have been able to see in detail everything that the Superman of Prime Earth in that cubic universe where everything is upside down. To name a few differences, in that universe Jonathan is the one with powers and not jordanthey are all surnamed The and not Kent, they play billiards with buckets and Lana Lang she works for the government as one of America’s Supermen.

In addition to all this, we have had various easter eggs like those of the Fortress of Solitude when we see the Bottle of Kandorthe wrench golden giant of the Fortress and what appears to be a lexosuit or armor of doomsday. But the one we are here to talk about in this article is found on the Kent farm, and they have a cat as a pet. We can see this pet animal eating from a bowl with its name, OtprykReverse crypto.

This seems to indicate that on Prime Earth there should be, being quite the opposite, a dog named Krypto. We haven’t seen this character in the series or in the Arrowverse yet, so it stands to reason that we’ll be able to see him soon after this reference. We could see Krypto recently in live action in the Titans series, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing him in Superman and Lois soon.

In it arrowverse we have not had super petswe only saw a cat that adopted Kara Danver in the series of super girl, Streaky, although this one did not have powers as in the comics. In the vignettes, Krypto was the baby’s pet. Kal-Elbut Jor-El would send him into space as a test subject to create the ship he would use to send his son to Earth when Kryptonian explode. But the ship would be stranded in space and not reach Earth until Kal was already established as Superman in our world, similar to the Supergirl story.

Is Tyler Hoechlin's Superman the best version of the character?

series synopsis

The Man of Steel has lost his job as a journalist at the Daily Planet, so the Kent family must move to their old home in Smallville. As Clark and Lois grapple with raising two teenage children, the Man of Tomorrow must continue to protect the world from a new threat with a secret link to the House of El. Starring Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alexander Garfin, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Inde Navarrette, Erik Valdez, Dylan Walsh, Wolé Parks, Adam Rayner, among others.

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Krypto could soon appear in Superman and Lois

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