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Under the organization of the Human Resources Network in conjunction with Humind, FEN U Negocios of the University of Chile, Kraneo, OTIC SOFOFA and Exma Global, the second version of the Leadership Congress was held, which was sponsored by ADP and StarMeUp .

Figures such as the CEO of WOM Chris Bannister, the Assistant Manager of Public Affairs of BancoEstado, Soledad Ovando and the economist Jeannette von Wolfersdorff participated in the event. of organizations, as is the case of a brand communication in tune with the audience.

The second version of the Leadership Congress organized by the Human Resources Network, Humind, FEN U Negocios of the University of Chile, Kraneo, OTIC SOFOFA and Exma, was guided by different sections and thematic axes, which contemplated from the approach of the challenges groups, the impact on the creation of citizenship, empowerment and participation; the construction and articulation of trust to the innovations in matters of items and organizations in the face of the new reality that has arisen during the health crisis.

From the organization, during the opening of “The Reinforcement Dose” of the virtual event, Ilia Gónzalez, highlighted that of the more than 100 initiatives developed by the Human Resources Network Foundation, they have reached more than 60 thousand professionals in more than 20 countries at the Latin American level and stressed its free nature, in order to “humanize organizations” due to the effects of leadership on “the commitment and responsibility that daily management has within organizations.”

One of the sections dedicated to the social impact of leadership was led by the CEO of WOM in Colombia, Chris Bannister, who on the occasion recalled his time in Chile in the same position and his work in more than 11 countries, from where he invited reflect on the importance of the actions of a leader, over words, even addressing the current leadership of Volodimir Zelenski at the head of the Ukrainian nation and the adherence of the population in the midst of the conflict with Russia.

Bannister highlighted the importance and role of coherence “between what you say and what you do” in the generation of an organizational culture and added that it is important that the first people who join the organization are those who propose the orientation of the work and its main values, in addition to exploring “how we want to lead ourselves and our work teams with those values”, so that later authentic and aligned communication can be generated as a brand, which makes sense and connects with the counterpart.

On the other hand, one of the axes of this version was in charge of the Ecuadorian Millán Ludeña, one of the main inspirational references in Latin America and Guinness Record for running a half marathon in the deepest gold mine in the world in South Africa and traveling 21 kilometers at the closest point to the Sun on the Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador. Ludeña maintained that when carrying out these challenges “he was not looking to be a lecturer, but rather as a story of inspiration” and affirmed that subsequently companies began to “give themselves the opportunity to try” to make changes and achieve extraordinary results, even more so when they are classified as impossible, since he stated that one of his great purposes is to “continue adding on a personal and corporate level”.

Finally, the director of the Human Resources Network and CEO of Humind, Rodrigo Saa, was in charge of the presentation by Fernando Anzures, CEO and founder of Exma – one of the largest marketing platforms in Latin America, who is also considered one of the the pioneers of marketing in Latin America, who addressed the recruitment of new talent by organizations and the way in which they are integrated and contribute to it, as well as the importance of the ability to adapt and transform to remain current since according to Anzures “a leader to consider good hypotheses has to destroy his company and ask himself what would happen if it did not exist and how it would complement his business model”

It should be noted that the 2022 Latam Leadership Congress also had the participation of the partner and co-founder of Travesía 100, Ximena Abogabir; the Vice President of People of VTR, Alejandra Jalón; The general manager of Kibernum, Marcelo Solari, among others.

To relive the congress and access the registration of the different exhibitions, you can access the website of the Human Resources Network Foundation HERE

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Latin American Congress brought together experts and leaders in addressing post-pandemic challenges | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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