Learn the story of Sylvester Stallone and his dog “Buktus” before succeeding with “Rocky”

The story of the famous actor sylverter stallone is a legend in hollywood and now we collect information from biographies, interviews and different media to tell you how the star managed to get to where he is.

Stallone was born on July 6, 1946 in New York, in the midst of a complicated delivery that caused the paralysis of a facial nerve on the left side, which would be something he would live with his whole life.

his childhood was something problematic, mainly because of the ridicule of his schoolmates regarding his face, which led him to skip many classes and to be expelled from several schools. However, one day he entered a movie theater for the first time and realized that he had a dream: to be an actor.

In the 1970s, Sylvester began working as an actor, but only got small parts, which is why he entered work in a zoo cleaning the lion’s cage Even so, the money was not enough, so he was evicted from his apartment and had to sleep for days in a bus terminal and even on the street. All he had left was her beloved dog.”buktus“…

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Hitting bottom

According to what the actor has recounted, he knew he had hit rock bottom when he found himself in need of sell your four legged best friend (not only because of the money, but because she had no way to feed and maintain him in the best way), for which he received only 40 dollars. Stallone remembers that day as one of the saddest and tells that he could not hold back crying after saying goodbye to “Buktus”.

The situation for Sylvester was not easy and much less hopeful, until one day he saw a fight of Muhammad Ali what made him feel inspired like never before and decided, in that burst of inspiration, write a script about a boxer on the rise.

Due to necessity and lack of money, Stallone wrote the script as fast as he could, taking 3 days to bring to life the story that became legend and in a movie classic.

It wasn’t that easy to become “Rocky”

Despite having the script ready, the first thing he received was a large number of rejections, as no one seemed to be interested in his script. This changed when she met some producers who were interested and delighted to bring the film to Hollywood; However, Stallone refused, as he asked to be the Main character of the film and it was something that was being denied to him as a totally unknown actor.

The first offer was 125 thousand dollars, but he refused. Then they offered him more and more and he kept refusing to take the money without being a part of his own movie. This continued until, after some negotiations, finally sold the script to the producers, who accepted that he take the main role. For this they paid him 300 thousand dollarsand the first thing he did with the money was to go directly to the family that had bought “Buktus” to offer them a large amount of money to recover his best friend and take him with him.

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rocky” premiered on November 21, 1986, being a success resounding, Oscar winner a Best Film, Best Direction and Best Editing.

There was his dream fulfilled, which he realized next to his beloved dog “Buktus”, appearing in “Rocky II” Y “rocky II” and becoming one of the most famous dogs on the big screen.

“Rocky”, being Stallone’s proof of life, as well as his stepping stone to success and dream come true, left viewers a valuable legacy: one of the most important sagas in the history of Seventh Art.

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Learn the story of Sylvester Stallone and his dog “Buktus” before succeeding with “Rocky”

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