Lex Luthor finds the ultimate weapon to kill Superman

Classic villain Lex Luthor could end Superman’s life forever.

Superman He is possibly one of the most powerful characters of all time as he has a very wide set of abilities that make him practically invincible. Like any other hero, the Iron Man he also has his weak point in kryptonite since this element could be one of the only ones capable of killing him.

Classic Villain Lex Luthor Could End Superman’s Life Forever

a character like Superman he could become incredibly dangerous if he decided to switch sides and be a very dark villain. There have been many versions that have recreated this and a dark Superman has been shown as the leader of the world.

Lex Luthor is a character from the Marvel Universe

Lex Luthor is one of his most classic villains and throughout the history and legacy of comics he has tried to find new ways to end Clark Kent. lex luthor was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and originally appeared on Action Comics #23 becoming one of the main villains of Superman. Now, luthor has found a new way to end the life of Superman that could be permanent.

After seeing the return of Superman to Landit was only a matter of time to see Lex Luthor preparing for his next battle against the Iron Man. Action Comics #1047of Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Riccardo Federici, Lee Loughridge and Dave Sharpe, showed some of Lex Luthor’s plans that he has to defeat Superman once and for all. While Superman was busy with other tasks, Lex Luthor took the opportunity to visit Warworld and check if there was something useful for him.

Lex Luthor finds the ultimate weapon to kill Superman

In that search lex luthor appears to have sampled all of the technology that **Superman encountered during Warworld Saga and merged it into a single element. He then proceeded to visit metallo in the prison where he is located and offered him the opportunity to amplify all his abilities. From the looks of it, the first move she will make lex is to unleash a metallo improved with the aim of being able to kill Superman.

lex He was also shown to know about the existence of the necro-cyborgs, intensely irradiated minerals, and the orphan boxes that Superman found while fighting to free Superman. Warworld of the government of Mongul. lex luthor could easily integrate all this into the systems of metallo to make him an incredibly strong opponent. Nevertheless, metallo seems to want nothing to do with luthorbut his embarrassing situation will force him to have as an ally lex. The compromised position he finds himself in could be more than enough to push him to accept the offer of luthor.

A DC Comics theory points to the curious origin of Lex Luthor's fortune

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In this sense, the technology you are using lex luthor Is very dangerous. In fact, if they are combined into one person who is experienced in fighting Superman, would make it extremely deadly. These new abilities would allow metallo having a biomechanical ability to heal himself or the ability to teleport.

Neither should we forget about enhanced radioactive minerals linked to the kryptonite that it carries as the main weak point of Superman. Not only would it be impossible for Superman to fight, it would be impossible for Superman to even get close enough to stop him.

Lex Luthor finds the ultimate weapon to kill Superman

metallo he has always been considered a threat, but he was also a minor villain. He has never posed a dangerous enough threat in Superman’s lifetime for the Iron Man be attentive to him. However, improvements to lex could trigger his potential as a villain, making him a great threat not only to metropolisbut for everyone.

Lex Luthor has his own plan in motion which has been dubbed as Project Blackout and it seems unepic that he only tries to improve metallo and pit him against Superman. However, everything seems to indicate that it is most likely that metallo be nothing more than a distraction in a much larger plan. metallo it is just an instrument that is part of the larger ambitions of lex. When the time comes, it’s likely metallo has played a fundamental role in being able to weaken Superman and that lex luthor can deliver the final blow.

Lex Luthor finds the ultimate weapon to kill Superman

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Lex Luthor finds the ultimate weapon to kill Superman

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