“Like the ones Batman uses”: General Yáñez details the new non-lethal weapon that the Carabineros will implement in the streets – La Tercera

“In general terms it is the one that Batman uses.” This is how the general director of Carabineros described, Ricardo Yanez, the new security element that will be used by police officers. The highest police authority, referred to a new type of non-lethal weapon that police officers will begin to carry, and that seeks to provide greater personal defense implements to the police officers, who have been victims of attacks, which have even ended with deceased officials. The last of them was second sergeant Carlos Retamalwho died after a criminal assaulted him with an iron when opposing a police control.

The general’s presentation was given during the last Security commission of the Chamber of Deputies, while a bill was being discussed that introduces changes to the regulations on the legitimate defense of police officers. As specified by Yáñez, during the delivery of police vehicles, at which time he met with President Gabriel Boric, he would have proposed to the President “The implementation of a different operational belt where the police officer will have other elements in which he will be able to useand that they are less lethal, before getting to make use of their firearm”.

Following that, he specified the new measures and police implements that would be used to protect the police. In this sense, he explained that a new device would be delivered to the police officers, specifically it is a BallWrap. This was described by the general as “an element to immobilize people through a steel rope that is thrown through a device and that allows the person to be immobilized without causing damage, injury, etc.”

Along with that, and before the legislators, he described her “Like the one that Batman uses, in general terms it is the one that Batman uses. It shoots, it has a laser that allows you to aim and ensure that the person can be immobilized and be able to reduce it ”.

In detail, said non-lethal weapon consists of a remote containment device that looks like an electric taser, however, it operates in a different way. When the device is activated, from up to eight meters away, he shoots a kevlar rope that becomes entangled in the suspect’s body, mainly in his legs.

This type of weapon allows the subject to be reduced from a distance, before having to apply some type of weapon of greater lethality. The same manufacturer’s site has published a series of videos in which it shares police procedures where successful use of the device has been made, which is announced by the officers -before using it- with the phrase “ball, ball, ball”.

While referring to the new security implements, Yáñez ruled out the use of electroshock tasers, despite the fact that it had been part of the discussion recently. In October, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, assured about the use of this weapon that they were analyzing whether, eventually, “it is possible to incorporate this type of non-lethal weapon. It’s not something that’s resolved and it will be resolved within the framework of this work that ends in November”.

Yáñez, for his part, categorically ruled out the use of this weapon: “The taser, despite the fact that it is used throughout the world, In Chile it has been an element that has been discussed and that in the end we are not going to use it”.

Before the discussion of giving more fire power to police officers, the general addressed the proposals regarding officers carrying weapons of war. “Some have talked about why we don’t carry rifles, he explained, we have rifles, If I fired a rifle in Santiago, in Alameda, I would reach Vicuña Mackenna with the rifleIt is impossible for me to carry a rifle in an urban area, I will be able to use it in other places, but I want to tell you that we are making our best efforts”.

But among the implements that will be considered among the new security elements in Carabineros is pepper spray. Although this instrument is already used, for now it is only used by Public Order Control (COP) officials, not by the rest of the police forces.

Due to the consultation of one of the deputies, about its massification, the general director assured that the protocols that exist for the use of pepper spray “are only for the issue of public order, but the police officer in the exercise of his functions can do use of all the weapons that the State gives it to fulfill its function, and within that it is found, and We are buying them from all the carabineros, so that they have them as their personal position and use them”.

In the bill on the 2023 budget, sent by the Executive to Congress, it contemplates a 2.3% increase in the resources allocated to the uniformed police. In detail, the largest increase occurs in the provision of $26 billion for the renewal of 1,054 vehicles for the institution.

Along these lines, the general director of the Carabineros summoned the deputies of the commission: “Do you know how many body cameras the Carabineros have? How many do you think we have? 600 cameras for 53 thousand employees. So, tell me what protection does the carabinero have against that?

“Only now have budgets been given to us to buy something from 1,100 or 1,200 body cameras, so in the face of all this we continue to be at a disadvantage,” added the general. In detail, Yáñez was referring to part of the budgetary gloss that contemplates a budget of $1,628 to acquire body cameras to be carried by officials.

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“Like the ones Batman uses”: General Yáñez details the new non-lethal weapon that the Carabineros will implement in the streets – La Tercera

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