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More than eighty years have passed since the first Superman comic was published, so it is convenient to review, albeit briefly, his biography to understand the title of this article. This superhero who lives in Metropolis, a city reminiscent of New York, hides behind the character of a shy, slicked-up and elegant journalist -named Clark Kent- in order to go unnoticed. Of course, when a crime requires his presence, he manages to do well in a telephone booth, well in the office bathroom, change the suit for a colorful costume with super powers, to vigorously fight against evil. Lois Lane, the girlfriend of the boring and formal Clark, has a crush on the brash Superman, unaware that they are actually the same person.

Nearly a century later, office attire has changed a lot, lThe tie has almost disappeared and the heels are on their way. If the authors of the comic took a walk down Calle Serrano de Madrid or by the Diagonal of BarcelonaThey wouldn’t give credit. Shirtless company directors, top executives in slippers, not to mention those new hires from big companies in outfits more like superhero pajamas than Clark and Lois’ impeccable suits.

But the comfort in clothing that has triumphed in high business circles has a weak point. (Another day we will talk about who really favors this fashion of not dressing up, because I have a hard time finding someone beyond the advertising models that -on the other hand- everything looks good on them). Those shoes that are so comfortable as well as showy or those jeans without a jacket or tie, are not suitable for an inauguration, a premiere or a formal dinner. Moreover, they are fatal. That’s when those professionals have to find a bathroom (there are no phone booths anymore) to put on a tie or put on some heels, comb their hair or put on makeup. In New York this practice has been baptized as “making a Superman”. That is why in the bags and drawers of the offices it is common to find, in addition to mobile phone chargers and a pen, spare shoes, some hair gel and a dark tie. In summary, that comfort in clothing is fine, but without turning it into a religionbecause when the occasion deserves it, you have to go back to the classics.

In this part of the world this “Superman effect” has also arrived and ground zero is the current Government of Spain. Whether it’s for joining the trend of saving energy or for appearing to be from the common people, the ministers take off and put on their ties in the official car and the ministers pass on the protest t-shirt and the washed face to go long to gala dinners. Change clothes so that Lois Lane falls at your feet. Everything that is necessary to, like Superman, be admired by the public. I leave for the reflection of the reader if these politicians, in addition to changing their clothes, which is still a small thing, are also changing their principles so as not to abandon power.

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Make a Superman | Opinion of Iñaki Ortega

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