Man of Steel 2, how could the plot of the film be

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Warner Bros. is developing the second part of Man of Steel with Henry Cavill as Superman and in Spoiler we anticipate the plot of the sequel.

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Man of Steel showed to Superman facing General Zod and other villains all from the planet Krypton. Later the Man of Steel faced Batman and Doomsday in Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice to then fight Steppenwolf in Justice League and discover that Darkseid is a real threat to Earth. Finally he had as a task, within the DC Extended Universekeep the mighty Black Adam at bay.

A few days ago we found out that Warner Discovery is working on the sequel Man of Steel just as the strong man of the production company wants it, David Zaslavwhich was proposed to be returned to Superman to the close-ups and has already started with that task thanks to a long-awaited cameo of the superhero in the film Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnsonanother proper name that forced itself so that henry cavill return to the DCEU.

Who could be the antagonist of Man of Steel 2? One of the possibilities that sounds the most on the Internet is Brainiac, a villain who had many versions over time, but perhaps the most interesting in this case is the one in which the character is a Kryptonian computer that collects information from the universe and becomes self-aware. The villain builds a powerful body and hijacks the Kryptonian city of Kandor among many “awards” that you acquire over the years.

Many villains can appear in Man of Steel 2

Brainiac he is super intelligent and a real threat to Superman and the inhabitants of Earth. He has the ability to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel and is looking to strike up a partnership with another well-known villain in the game. DC Extended Universe who will surely have no qualms about betraying his own planet in order to see Superman defeated:lex luthor!

On the other hand, Apokolips could send another villain to defeat Earth’s Mightiest Hero. So one of those targeted for that task can certainly be kalibakthe son of Darkseid, who has enormous physical strength and is also a major challenge for Clark Kent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. In addition, this confrontation could be the preamble to a large-scale invasion of the dark planet in an unequal war against the ground forces that will need the Justice League to survive.

Another alternative is the duel that was raised in the last tape of the DC Extended Universe with Black Adam playing the villain in the sequel to Man of Steel. The fight between these characters is a sight to see, after all, Dwayne Johnson assured that his character arrived for “change the hierarchy of power” within the brand and being part of this long-awaited sequel is a step in that direction.

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Man of Steel 2, how could the plot of the film be

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