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With pedagogical dissemination on the care and protection of the sea, with the creation of ships using different materials, with drawings and plasticines referring to the Naval Battle of Iquique, with history classes highlighting the conflict and its consequences and with visual arts highlighting the seabed , the Manuel Rodríguez School in the regional capital, commemorated Chile’s Naval Glories Day.

With more than 27 years of experience serving education, the Manuel Rodríguez School continues to stand out for its work, actions and teamwork in its community. Within the framework of May 21 was no exception.

The executive director of the SLEP of Atacama, Pedro Lagos Arancibia, valued the instance, the work of the team in the educational establishment, the work of the students commemorating the Day of Naval Glories and made a call to continue rescuing the sense of local cultural identity through these initiatives.

For his part, Ángel Véliz Gómez, director of the Manuel Rodríguez de Copiapó School, declared that “on this important date for the country, such as the commemoration of the Naval Battle of Iquique and Punta Gruesa, I wish each of the students, to each one of our teachers, to each one of the educational communities of the territory of the province of Chañaral and Copiapó, a good and happy day, of tranquility and commemoration. At the same time, I would like to express that this value that the heroes gave us, hopefully they will always remain in our minds and in that of all future generations.”

Sandra Mura Rodríguez, in charge of the Technical Pedagogical Unit of the Manuel Rodríguez School, argued that “to work with our students on May 21, as guidance from the technical unit, our hero Don Arturo Pratt has been highlighted. The levels, from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, worked on the different subjects developing jobs, such as, for example, in technology they made and created boats with different elements; in arts they made the seabed developing different techniques; in history they are working on the conflict of May 21 and in natural sciences they are working on the care and protection of the sea”.

Next week, the educational establishment will hold an exhibition of the technological and manual works produced. Among these, different boats made by sixth grade students stand out. The students Savannah Sequeira, Yalismar Sánchez, Wara Huarca, Laiz Querrallata and Martina Cortés proudly showed their progress to the Atacama SLEP communications unit.

This May 21, the Day of Naval Glories is celebrated in our country, this is a tribute to the heroes of the War of the Pacific that took place between 1879 and 1884. In this event, Chile faced Peru and Bolivia mainly as a result of the economic and territorial struggle for saltpeter. Finally, Chile was victorious and took over the territories of the Antofagasta, Tarapacá and Arica y Parinacota regions.

Specifically, this day is celebrated since on May 21, 1879 two naval battles occurred. The best known is the Naval Battle of Iquique, in which Captain Arturo Prat died along with his entire fleet in the Esmeralda, sunk by the Peruvian ship Huáscar. The other combat is that of Punta Gruesa, where the Covadonga ship, commanded by Carlos Condell, ran aground the Peruvian ship Independencia, in the rocks of Punta Gruesa south of Iquique.

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Manuel Rodríguez School imparted knowledge and commemorated May 21 in Copiapó | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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