Margaret | Zorro Viejo ship: families request aerial search of fishermen


Daisy flower.- The old fox fishing vessel keep drifting. There is no information about your search. The peñero left with four crew members on board on April 19 from the Tubores municipality of Nueva Esparta to fish in La Blanquilla-Los Hermanos. She was due back on Monday the 25th.

Not arriving, families reported the delay a day after before the security agencies. Since then, six days have passed, during which the lack of official information has increased the anguish of the relatives, who ask to activate the aerial search.

The secretary general of the National Organization for Rescue and Maritime Safety of the Aquatic Spaces of Venezuela (Onsa Venezuela), Vice Commodore Luis Inciarte, indicated at a press conference on May 2 that they have offered radio frequencies to facilitate the search for government agencies and They have not received answers.

Search for the ship Zorro Viejo

Onsa knows that the case is in the hands of the Coast Guard in Nueva Esparta and that the Bolivarian National Police has joined efforts, but they have offered no progress. Inciarte explained that aerial observation will facilitate the search due to the time that the boat has drifted.

The pilots who have left from Maiquetía to The Roques they have not offered details about any offshore sightings. Neither have the alerted maritime crews.

“The private search could not be activated due to the shortage of gasoline. We request support from any person or volunteers who want to join the search, “said Luis Inciarte.

Víctor Rodríguez, nephew of one of the crew members, assured that the fishermen have not observed them on the usual fishing route and rule out that they are in the north of Margarita. They suggest sailing between La Tortuga and La Orchila.

FOTO2 Los tripulantes que estan a bordo del buque Zorro Viejo web
The crew members who are on board the ship Zorro Viejo are Richard Vásquez, the brothers Alejandro and Aníbal Salazar, as well as José Salazar, cousin of the last two | Photo: Onsa Venezuela

vessel conditions

the fishing vessel Old fox It is blue and white, it is 11 meters long and 2 meters wide. On board are Richard Vásquez, the brothers Alejandro and Aníbal Salazar, as well as José Salazar, their cousin. Víctor Rodríguez, nephew of Richard Vásquez, explained that the conditions of the boat are not the best.

“The battery was damaged and water leaks into the boat,” he said. For this reason, Rodríguez presumes that perhaps the engine died or they ran out of battery. Although they all have experience offshore, Víctor Rodríguez says that in a place where they do not navigate fishermen it’s hard to get help. “We are worried,” said this relative, who mentioned that his uncle has a knee condition and that Alejandro Salazar has heart problems for which he receives treatment.

The general secretary of Onsa Venezuela warned that the lives of the four crew members are at risk, since the weather conditions do not favor them: the waves can reach 2 meters in height and the winds, a speed of 25 knots or 46 kilometers per hour.

Vice Commodore Inciarte believes that if the boat has not capsized, it is likely that it will appear in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state, or in La Vela de Coro, Falcón state, in three or five days.

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Margaret | Zorro Viejo ship: families request aerial search of fishermen

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