Mark Waid Picks His Favorite Superman Moment (And It’s Not From The Comics)

One of the great comic book writers, Mark Waid, wanted to share his favorite Superman moment, not something that happened in the panels

Mark Waid - Superman

throughout the years we have been experiencing different situations for our favorite cartoon characters. Whether we like it more or we like it less, the superheroes of large publishers have experienced many situations totally different and having moments in all kinds of media, not just comics. only does missing to see characters of the caliber of Batmanwhich have had television series, movies or video games, so their influence is enormous

For today we have to make a stop at Superman, since a great comic book writer who brought us a version of the character Most interestingly, Mark Waid wanted to preface his birthday, answering questions from fans. the writer himself wanted to provide his point of view regarding the charactertalking about your favorite moment via a thread he opened on Reddit to answer questions asked by fans of the character.

Without a doubt, everyone would surely set their sights on some comic moment that he has written, but Waid himself wanted to make it clear that it was not like that and that it belonged to another medium. As we already said, when the popularity of a comic character becomes so great, said character can appear in any mediumwhatever it is.

Miracle Monday, the work that contains the favorite moment of the writer of Kingdom Come

Many of you who are here right now It is possible that nothing of what you have just read sounds familiar to you in this caption. For Mark Waid, the character’s favorite moment had to happen in the pages of a novel written for the character, and not in a panel. Not only he has not mentioned a comic that he didbut it seems that his favorite moment would be outside of any panel edited by DC Comics, referencing a novel titled Miracle Monday by Elliot Maggin.

This story takes place in a holiday named after the title itself of the play and our hero will meet a time traveler, Kristin Wells, who tries to stop the feet of an entity of chaos that rules hell and is known as Samael. During this confrontation, Superman will be tempted to join the dark side, but he will handle the temptations well, coming to team up with Lex Luthor himself to stop the feet of this villain.

Mark Waid - Superman

Favorite Superman moment that would have Waid himself would come given among the last son of Krypton and his closest villain. It would all start when Clark asks the time traveler if he will one day be able to be Luthor’s friend again, something to which the traveler cannot give you much answer, since he cannot disrupt the timeline, but he even comments that one day it will be possible. This very human moment of Kal-El himself is what Mark Waid remembers and lovesas he is able to think of Luthor as a future friend despite everything.

Despite all the DC Comics stories, Waid makes a stop here

You have to think that always the character of Superman has been seen as someone tremendously humanEven though it belongs to another planet. This type of situation reinforces all this much more, which is why it shows us that many writers, despite all the power they have, the main attraction of this hero is that. We are not going to get tired of seeing situations like this and we have seen them in the comics, but remember these works great writers make them have another youth.

Despite all this, the character of Superman has had countless forms to be able to tell their stories, it has not only been through comics. Little by little, we get to know the character better and we never get tired of being able to enjoy moments so close to humanity like this. How many moments of this style will we live more with the character? We do not know but do not stop in any case.

Mark Waid - Superman

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Mark Waid Picks His Favorite Superman Moment (And It’s Not From The Comics)

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