Marvel fans celebrate the ’60 years’ of Spider-Man, the ‘Spider-Man’

The fans of ‘World of Marvel continue to celebrate the permanence of their favorite characters. One of them is the character of Peter Parker who ‘gives life’ to Spider-Man or ‘Spider-Man’, a superhero with fans of all ages in the world.

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Celebrating that they have been fulfilled 60 years since the debut of this iconic superhero in comic books (Amazing Fantasy #15), Marvel announced their ‘Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing’ global campaign (Spider-Man: Beyond Incredible). Peru also participate in this initiative.

“Over the past six decades, Spider-Man has appeared in countless comics, movies, animations, video games, toys and more. His image is synonymous with the modern superhero. He has unique style, aspirational heroism, and delivers the universal message that with great power comes great responsibility.”said Angel Olarte, general manager of Cinecolor, company that represents Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar licenses in Peru.

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Clothes, funkos, spider robot and more

The company told Trome that for children and adults who are fans of this character in Peru, Falabella, Ripley, Hasbro, Tai Loy, Lego, Linio, among other department stores, supermarkets and online stores will have offers on their allusive products (clothes, toys, funkos, collectibles, household items, among others). There will also be some activations at points of sale.

You can find, for example, Long sleeve polo shirts from Spider-Man at 29.90 soles, sets Spider-Man in cotton with 30% discount, too funkos of Spider-Man and his friends and of Dr. Strange between 55 to 79 soles.

Also electronic spider robot ‘Trace-E’ that makes noises, claps, crawls, turns, reacts with red eyes) at 179.90 soles; Arachnid Headquarters Lego set Spider-Man to swoop down on the motocopter’, shoot hoops with his friends, dance, create art, play video games and with minifigures (Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel and the supervillain Goblin Green, among others).

Marvel celebrates the anniversary of Spider-Man and launches an allusive product offer campaign for Peru. (Isabel Medina / Compos. Trome)
Marvel celebrates the anniversary of Spider-Man and launches an allusive product offer campaign for Peru. (trome)
Marvel celebrates the anniversary of Spider-Man and launches an allusive product offer campaign for Peru. (trome)

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In this celebration for ’60 years’ of Spider-Man’, Peruvian cosplayers also stand out. Many of them maintain solidarity work throughout the year: are characterized by costumes of Spider-Man or also Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and other characters and This is how they bring joy to children hospitalized.

Celebrations for Children's Day - San Borja Children's Institute.
Celebrations for Children’s Day – San Borja Children’s Institute.

Know that:

  • New ‘Beyond Amazing’ products will be released by licensees (Hasbro, Funko, LEGO Group, among others), in the remainder of 2022.


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Marvel fans celebrate the ’60 years’ of Spider-Man, the ‘Spider-Man’

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