Marvel: Who is Carnage, the new villain of Venom 2?

Marvel’s new film project Venom 2, will introduce us to one of Spider-Man’s enemies that we have been waiting for the most in recent decades: Carnage. In this way, Cletus Kasady’s alter ego will be presented as an antagonist of Eddie Brock and his symbiote, which is to be feared, since Tom Hardy’s character may not be able to withstand all the pressure exerted on him by the murderous red alien. To show you that we are not exaggerating, then we will present the terrible story of this dual being.

Carnage: The unwanted son of Venom

To understand the history of carnivalit is important to also take into consideration that of its host: Cletus Kasady. Both characters were created by screenwriter David Michelinie.Cletus appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #344 and the red symbiote in the same title, but in its 366 edition. As a child, Kasady showed his morbid sadistic inclinations, managing to murder his grandmother. After the death of his parents, the young man was sent to an orphanage where he grew up, of course, but not before having murdered his director.

Carnage entered Cletus’s body through his bloodstream | Image: Marvel Comics

Once on the streets, Cletus gave free rein to his baser instincts killing multiple people, which caused him to be deprived of his liberty by being confined in the maximum security prison on Ryker Island, where he met Eddie Brock. When Venom showed up at the jail to rescue Eddie, the alien let loose a small symbiotic product that would mix with Kasady’s bloodstream, giving birth to the deadly Carnage.

With strength and speed far superior to those of his father, Carnage also escaped from prison and began, within the mythical event Maximun Carnage, an indiscriminate hunt that would cost the lives of thousands of people. In this way, the irreconcilable enemies Venom and Spider-Man teamed up to stop this villainwhich they achieved, albeit for a very short time.

Carnage first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #361 | Image: Marvel Comics

Since then Cletus and his Carnage symbiote have appeared on several occasions to sow terror throughout the Marvel Universe, either within groups of supervillains such as the Axis, or individually in the venom drawings and Spider-Man. It is worth mentioning that Kasaky has not been the only host of the alien, since Other bearers are known to him, such as Ben Reilly, Norman Osborn, Miles Morales or Karl Malus.

Norman Osborn has also ported Carnage | Image: Marvel Comics

We will have to wait until September to see the fight Venom vs. Carnage at the cinema. Until then, we can calm our desire to know more about this symbiote by reading the best stories about him. In the writing we will always recommend the volume Carnage-Classic that brings together the most memorable stories of the nineties about this villain, and for those who already know these stories, we suggest delighting your eyes with the wonderful pencils of Ryan Stegman with the event Absolute Carnage.

And you, did you already know the origin of this terrible villain?


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Marvel: Who is Carnage, the new villain of Venom 2?

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