Marvel’s Superman is not Sentry, find out who is the hero of The House of Ideas who should take that place

The Sentry is often referred to as Marvel’s Superman, however, there is another hero who has more similarities to Kal-El.

Sentry isn’t Marvel’s Superman, so which Marvel character is most like the Man of Steel?

Though Sentry is often referred to as the “Marvel Superman”due to their similar powers, that title should belong to spider-man. Superman has several imitators in the comics of Marvel and other publishers, however, the latest issue of The Amazing Spider-Man it proves that when characterization, story, and moral are factored in, it’s the wall-crawler who really has the most in common with the Man of Steel.

If we speak on a superficial level, Sentry meet requirements. He has some of the same powers as the character in DC: flight, invulnerability and superhuman strength, among others. But there are many heroes who have these powers. Also, if that were the only defining factor, Characters like Ikaris, Hyperion, Blue Marvel and Gladiator may be other candidates to be Marvel’s Superman..

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It is unlikely that a comic book fan would submit to Spider-Man as a candidate to be Marvel’s new Superman. However, if viewed from another perspective, peter parker is closer to Superman than any of those names.

Is Spider-Man Marvel’s Superman?

The Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Zeb Wells and John Romita, Jr. starts with Norman Osborne arriving at Peter’s apartment, which makes the hero quite uncomfortable. But the old Green Goblin he’s turned a new page and now he intends to right his wrongs, starting by offering Peter something he desperately needs: a job.

Peter’s readiness to accept Norman’s change is surprising, but makes sense considering the kind of person Peter is. Spider-Man almost always tries to show some compassion to his enemies, and this kindness towards his adversaries is the characteristic that most aligns Superman and Spider-Man.

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Peter is always trying to help his enemies and see the best in them. Most heroes lose all empathy when it comes to their villains, but that’s not the case with Peter or Superman.

In All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank QuitelyClark visits lex luthor on death row and asks his nemesis to use his intellect to make the world a better place before they both die. “I know there is something good in you,” he comments to a man who has spurned him.

Spider-Man’s Vision Makes Him Marvel’s Superman

Norman is still the man who killed Gwen Stacy and that Peter has a modicum of goodwill left for someone so despicable is part of what makes him such an exemplary character.

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This degree of empathy and belief in redemption, not a simple set of powers, really reflects what the Man of Steel is.

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Marvel’s Superman is not Sentry, find out who is the hero of The House of Ideas who should take that place

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