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  • In its Public Account 2021, the authority highlighted the development in the sports area and the recovery of public spaces.

A powerful folder in execution and creation was exhibited by the mayor of Copiapó, Marcos López at the Public Account 2021 ceremony. Works such as Cerro La Cruz de Paipote, the renovated El Pretil Park and the presentation of projects for Paipote and the upper sectors they were highlighted by the highest communal authority.

In an emotional ceremony, the community leader in an extraordinary session of the Municipal Council presented to the neighbors, regional authorities, councilors and officials the balance of the 2021 management as mandated by the Constitutional Organic Law of Municipalities 18,695 in its article 67.

The highest communal authority said that “today it was shown that from now on the municipality faces the challenge of having more activities to call people to meet because what people want is to get together again and socialize”

At the beginning of the presentation, the mayor highlighted the work of municipal officials during the pandemic. At the Health level, the primary care teams followed up on 11,963 active cases and 83,741 close contacts. To the above is added the taking of more than 43 thousand preventive exams through the Active Search for Covid-19 (BAC).

Regarding social support, the Community Development Directorate (Dideco) delivered a total of 55,288 food boxes in 2020 and in 2021 this figure increased to 72,173 boxes giving a total of 127,461 food aid.

The Municipality of Copiapó innovated in the delivery of the so-called Covid Boxes for the most vulnerable families with positive cases. In 2020, 6,320 boxes were distributed and in 2021, 2,276, giving a total of 8,596 contributions.

One of the most requested topics by the community is security. The Directorate of Public Security managed the installation of high-tech cameras in 36 new points in the city. In addition to the above, 3,269 homes are connected to community alarms in 15 sectors of the commune through 349 stations.

At the sports level, Copiapó dresses up with its new infrastructure with the Ramón Tapia Chambilla Athletic Track that has already hosted regional competitions in its 22 thousand square meters.

Meanwhile, the beautiful new Orlando Guaita Roof Stadium is already used by the different sports disciplines that were waiting so long for this traditional venue. The remodeling works were distributed in: roof changes, toilets, access hall, dressing rooms, circulation areas, court, change of bleachers, warehouses, facade treatment and roofs. to which are added works of specialties in: electricity, sewerage and the installation of thermos panels.

Works in progress

With an investment of 1,059 million pesos, the recreational skating rink located in Tierra Viva contemplates the construction of the rink for the artistic skating discipline. It will have an area of ​​887 square meters (m2) corresponding to: rink, toilets of ladies and men, dressing room for men and women, bathrooms for disabled people, bleachers, infirmary, office and meeting room, infirmary cellar, dressing room for disabled people, among others.

Meanwhile, in Paipote, seven projects to improve green areas are being developed with an investment of more than 4,500 million pesos from the National Fund for Regional Development. In total there will be more than 22 thousand square meters of intervened public spaces. Added to the above is the construction of the long-awaited Service Center in Paipote, which seeks to decentralize municipal services.

During the administration of Mayor López, efforts have been made to promote the participation of the different types of social organizations in the community and sports infrastructure in the neighbourhoods. For this, the Municipal Sponsoring Entity is developing the construction of the social headquarters Luz de Esperanza, May 19 and sports fields in Padre Negro, Villa Esperanza, La Estrellita.

Almost 100% of the projects are located in the Parque El Pretil project, which is the main green lung of the city. In its first stage, about 30,000 square meters (m2) were intervened, where parking, inclusive and universal accessibility, improvements, modernization, a multicultural fair and reorganization of the infrastructure for National Holidays and massive events were considered. The resources are from the Regional Development Fund (FNDR) approved by the Regional Council (Core).

The mayor also reported that Cerro La Cruz Paipote is 77% complete and has a cost of 2,400 million pesos (FNDR). The objective of the work is to generate this public space for meeting, worship and commemoration, which values ​​local identity, through a representative geographical element, as a landmark within the community of Paipote (Cerro de la Cruz), promoting the generation of various activities such as recreation, meeting, worship, culture, sports and outdoor life.

Regarding the projects that are awaiting financing, the mayor highlighted the construction of the social headquarters Villa Mantos Verdes, Juan Godoy, Madres Carabineros, Club Deportivo Pedro León Gallo, Villa Ampliación Paipote and Fé, Esperanza y Amor.

Added to the above is the historical investment of 13 plazas and trays in the upper sectors. The intervention, which has a budgeted cost of 6,760 million pesos, will recover more than 19,700 square meters.

To conclude, the mayor of Copiapó defined the 2022-2023 investment priorities for the second stage of El Pretil Park, Cerro La Cruz second stage, Mapocho Saltpeter Park, El Palomar Sports Center, Chamonate Sports Complex, Pedro León Gallo Community Center and the Total Modernization of Public Lighting.

At the end of the ceremony, the Governor of Atacama Miguel Vargas affirmed that “I think it has been a forceful statement by Mayor Marcos López. We must not forget that Copiapó represents more than half of the region’s population and this must also be demonstrated in investments that benefit people.”

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Mayor Marcos López highlights powerful progress in public infrastructure in Copiapó | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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