Meet Superman’s brother who is a CIA agent and many consider forgotten

Although he is considered the only adopted son of the Kent family, Superman had a brother in the DC comics who had his moment.

According to the years go by in the comics industrymany characters we have grown up with have shared with us all the information about their past and the people they they have considered their family. We have been able to see how our favorite superheroes fell in love, established better bonds with their parents and even got to know different loved ones that they seemed to not know.

when it comes to last son of a planet that has become extinct, it seems difficult to be able to find more familiar in the vast universe. However, blood does not have to determine the veracity of some family ties, since they can come to be considered important elements for someone for other reasons. Today we have to deal with a relationship that not related by bloodif not rather by sharing adoptive parents.

We talk about the character of Superman, who was raised by the Kent family in Smallville and that it was found by Martha and John. They both took care of this alien and were discovering that he had superhuman powers, in addition to trying to tell him everything. the truth about its origin and be the most sincere thing in the world. However, there was something that they hid and that the comics showed and that is that Kal-El was not the only adoptive son they had.

Superman’s brother, a somewhat forgotten DC Comics character

In order to understand all this, one must go back to the series that is known as The New Adventures of Superboy, since it was here that Cory Renwald’s character would make his debut. Apparently, both Martha and John had already adopted a boy previously, this one had the name of Cory Renwald, who was a juvenile delinquent who tried to rob this marriage. After that they took pity on him and they wanted to adopt him to help him.

Once Cory reaches 18 he becomes a totally different person becoming a spy against the russians some time later, since he worked for the United States. In an undercover mission, this character recognizes Jonathan Kent and Clark, being one of the first times the character would appearbut by chance of fate he could not have the correct meeting with his father.


as last time you could see the character was in Superman #389, moment in which he flees from the government because they have classified him as a traitor, looking for his stepbrother to help him, since he does not remember everything that is thought and he could help him. After all this, the character did not appear againsince it seems to the government that he is still a traitor and has not had time at all to clean up his image, so we don’t think he’ll come back.

Will we get to see him again in the DC Comics editorial?

This kind of anecdotes the great characters of DC Comics They always tend to remain in this, mere anecdotes, since it is not always about rescuing everything that has happened in the past. We recently saw that the man of steel I had a new protégé and that has the same chances of it coming to fruition as not. There is no doubt that they will be curiosities of the character and little by little we are sure to see more.

There are many years left for keep explaining more elements of this caliber when it comes to comic book characters and there is no doubt that we will experience more moments like this in what remains of us. While we are waiting we recommend that you go sharing more elements of this style that have marked the lives of the great DC superheroessince surely this is not the craziest thing in the world.


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Meet Superman’s brother who is a CIA agent and many consider forgotten

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