Michael B. Jordan begins his solo adventure in Creed 3 winking at Rocky 2 and Stallone

The young protagonist, who is also the director of Creed 3, finds himself facing the biggest challenge of his career.

The Rocky saga seems to have come to an end. Let’s see… Let’s not be alarmed. She has come to the end of her, as we know her. After the voluntary departure of Sylvester Stallone of the productionmade Adonis Creed the sole and absolute protagonist of a franchise that wants to change course with ‘Creed 3’.

Despite the fact that Sly is not very satisfied with how the story is going to develop, Jordan, who makes his directorial debut with this third installment, He has decided to do a 180 degree turn and try to create his own legacy within the Rocky universe..

A few days ago, the actor was honest exclusively with the magazine totalfilm in the face of this new challenge that arose some time ago, and he took the opportunity to publicly thank his colleagues who have helped him in some way in this new job.

Ryan Coogler helped Jordan with Creed 3

Jordan acknowledges that working with incredible directors throughout his career has allowed him to learn the trade. He emphasizes in a special way two names, those of ryan coogler Y Steven Caple Jr. who turned to him in a special way, providing support and guidance, while both acted as a kind of tutor in this new adventure that means directing ‘believe 3‘.


“Ryan was one of the main people who helped directing become a profession for me. I remember him telling me in the first ‘Creed’: ‘The time is never right. You just have to jump in and go for it.’ I also got a lot of advice from Denzel Washington… Not a lot of people are self-directed.”

Adonis Creed will pay tribute to Rocky 2 in Creed 3

It is logical that a debutant in film directing can feel overwhelmed by the array of responsibilities that a director, no matter how much he delegates, must face in a production. But Jordan seems to be happy with all this, since he assures that for him, this film is the biggest challenge of his career. He acknowledges that he has tried to oversee almost everything so that each department had the right tools to successfully accomplish each task. “I was pushing myself to the max, while pushing myself to new limits every day.”, points out the director.

The images that accompany the interview have been a joy for Sly fans, since the character of Jordan, son of Apollo Creed, will wear an outfit in one of the main fights in history that will sound familiar to some. Some bright red pants.

These panties are the style that Stallone wore in ‘rocky II‘, With which Adonis moves away from the stereotype that his father marked decades ago with pants with the colors of the American flag, and that he already wore, to get closer to Rocky while marking his own path.

This could be understood as one more sign that Jordan intends to break with what has been seen so far to start a new franchise without being tied up in its development by Sly’s legacy by having to include it in the story.

“We wouldn’t have Donnie without Rocky, and he will always be a mainstay in Donnie’s life, but Creed III is truly the beginning of a new era for the franchise and the character.”

Meanwhile, the release date of this new proposal is approaching. ‘believe 3‘ will hit theaters next March 2023.

Creed 3 -Michael B. Jordan

Source Magazine TotalFilm via GamesRadar

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Michael B. Jordan begins his solo adventure in Creed 3 winking at Rocky 2 and Stallone

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