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After more than two years in early access we already have available Mount and Blade II: Bannerlordthe sequel to the particular strategic RPG of TaleWorlds Entertainment. A franchise that is undoubtedly unique in its kind for betting on a game system in which the role-playing genre is combined in a more than solvent way with that of strategy, to offer us a game with which the best word we could use to define it is “Freedom”. Absolute freedom to play as we please, as well as to define our character with endless possibilities. A more and better of a first installment that was already remarkable in its day.

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As I already told you in the headline, Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is a title that gives us absolute freedom to play. From the very beginning of its campaign (if we want to follow a common thread) or its sandbox mode (including multiplayer) it gives us full freedom to create our character. Beyond the editor to define the appearance of it, We will have to select different backgrounds of his life, ranging from his childhood to his adulthood, which will determine our skills, whether commercial or warlike, when it comes to beginning our adventure, since it will not be the same to have been raised in a family of wealthy merchants, which in another where our father served in the army and our mother was a simple housewife, to give two examples.

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Once we have established what our character will be, we will launch into its huge open world. A gigantic map with an infinite number of settlements, towns or fortresses. And what shall we do now? Well, simply and simply whatever we want… Although there is a small plot thread in its story mode, almost like an extensive tutorial, the chicha in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is based on its enormous freedom to let us do what we want.

We will set the objectives ourselves. Do we want to be the greatest empire that has ever been seen, bending the rest of the communities to serve us? We can do it, it will be a daunting task with hundreds of bloody sieges involved, yes. or we can be less ambitious and settle for just being a simple trader who goes from region to region dealing with goods. Or what about a slave owner? A renegade commander who mercilessly kills anyone in his way with his small band of thugs? We can be almost anything that comes to mind in this almost endless game.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord review ErreKGamer

Strategy and role together hand in hand, although with some unrepaired seams

What makes the Mount and Blade saga unique is its original combination of strategy, role-playing and actionwith gigantic massive battles as if it were a Dynasty Warrior, at the same time that we are managing ourselves through a colossal map in isometric view in which we see who controls each region, what is traded in each area, etc.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord contains a multitude of systems within it, although certainly in the medium term it is easy to realize that it does not delve too deeply into any of them. For example, battles whether on a small or large scale, they are spectacular, Yes, but when it comes to playing them we will soon realize that their combat system is not too complex or rather, complete, even being simple or crude (whether we play with a controller or keyboard and mouse). The interface is often not very intuitive either, even seeming somewhat outdated and also, in the medium term the game can start to be monotonous.

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It is also easy to exploit its trading system, as long as we are proficient in strategy games and speaking of the latter, the game is not deep in that either, since most of the efforts regarding the battle board are limited to moving our character or our troops through it until we reach the location we want to enter and little else. Of course, we can explore each town, castle or settlement with total freedom as if it were a traditional RPG, which will provide us with quite spectacular images.

Visually Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord looks pretty good overall. It has very good designs for most of its locations, the landscapes are quite beautiful and massive battles They are without a doubt the icing on the cake and what will leave us most speechless. While the character models are limited to comply and little else. As additional information, the game comes with texts in Latin Spanish.

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Conclusion on Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

With Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, TaleWorlds Entertainment offers us a more and better than the original was already at the time. It is a unique saga in its style, which mixes with success and originality the RPG, the strategy and the action. In the end, it may go too deep into any of its many mechanics and in the medium term it may become monotonous, but it is undoubtedly a game that as soon as its approach catches you a bit, it is well worth spending a handful of hours. Its massive battles continue to be the most spectacular and fun of the franchise.

We have performed this analysis on PC with a code provided by TaleWorlds.

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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord review – ErreKGamer

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