Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord receives changes in its sieges, how is the development of the game progressing two years after its release?

It’s Monday and I’m sorry to bring you down, but Mount & Blade came out no less than 14 years. More than a decade where we have been able to play the original title and its expansions like that beloved Mount & Blade: Warband that catches us something closer in time. After more than a decade, in 2020 we were able to enjoy the particular proposal of adventure, action and strategy from TaleWorlds Entertainment with Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlorda release in early access that little by little has been adding new content, although it is far from releasing its long-awaited stable version.

In this case, the last great novelty was the translation of the game into Latin American Spanish, a great addition for those who don’t particularly get along with the original language. However, along with this translation we also have certain and notable changes to the siege system, as well as in combat in the open field. Is update 1.7.0 It is now available and adds another layer of depth to the title.

Siege Changes

According to the study, hunger will no longer have such an impact on the future of the fighting. This is one of the most interesting and important additions to prepare the strategy of our assaults, and it is that although the quartered garrisons they will no longer starve immediatelyYes, they will be injured. How can we read in the patch notes from TaleWorlds Entertainment, “To get an indicator of when starvation will occur within the army, players will have to check out the siege interface.”

Leaving aside the impact on soldiers, the siege engines will also receive certain improvements. The siege towers, for example, have been reworked thus removing the issues related to the AI behavior. Of course, a change in the behavior of the AI ​​implies a greater aggressiveness of it when it comes to besieging.

battle morale

Some changes have also been made to the morale system throughout battles:

  • Distance kills now provide morale to allies.
  • Morale damage from deaths and fleeing soldiers has been adjusted.
  • The soldiers they can recover up to half of their initial morale during the course of combat.
  • After completely wiping out the enemy, forcing them to retreat, players will now be able to chase down the troops, affecting the morale of their own soldiers.

Changes in the combat system in the open field

Changes in Update 7.1.0 Patch 10 include improvements to battlefield systems. The land is divided into different sections, each with its own own assigned mechanic. When a player enters combat, the system will use the position and direction of the troops on the map to resolve the important moments of the combat.

The scenes are prepared on the general map, which will allow plan ahead to devise a plan using the land in our favor. In update 1.7.0 we currently find 72 different battle sections to play, but the Turkish studio has announced that they will add more in future updates.

Mount & Blade 2 update

Keep in mind that despite being changes that come two years after the launch of the game in early access, the title has been well received by the community and the changes, at least those made to date, have had an important impact on the future of the game. Of course, the title community has been upset with Taleworlds because they have left out players who prefer to tackle Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord in lonely.

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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord receives changes in its sieges, how is the development of the game progressing two years after its release?

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