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14 years ago the study TaleWorlds brought us a saga called Mount & Bladea series of titles that invites us to experience a unique experience in the middle ages. It may have been a long haul, but now bannerlord it’s a fast, polished experience and with all its systems working at a high level to offer a sandbox which is impossible to predict destiny of your family and that of your clan.

A creator of characters at the height

In Mount & Blade II we will have to create our character This character creator may not be the best or the most detailed, but it also has nothing to envy from other titles. Later we will have to make an important decision that will be the choices of our family, childhood and adolescence. This will affect our equipment and our initial abilities.

Once we decide all this we will begin an adventure in Calradiaa fictional continent to which we return 200 years later of the events that occurred in the first Mount & Blade and that it is in a very delicate political crisis, with a conflict about to explode.

We will have many options to choose from for the creation of our character

The great feeling of freedom bannerlord

For those who don’t know Mount & Bladeit is a medieval game that focuses its attention on the strategic components and also on the combat of big armies with lots of units on screen. We will have to progress so that our clan is growing. Have a style sandbox that as we evolve, he evolves with us. What we liked the most is the freedom in the gameplaysince we really do not have to follow the defined objective. You can dedicate yourself to what you want: be the most successful merchant, establish relationships with other cities, lead a mercenary life, grow your family by educating your children and establishing marriages, create armies or go into politics.

During the games we will see how the map changes as the wars and different events take place.

The great freedom that they offer us is such, and with such an extensive map full of different kingdoms, clans and bandits, that we will be able to fulfill our ambitions and Create our own kingdom to become the lord of all the lands of Calradia. We can do it as we like: as an independent nation, as part of the empire, as an ally attached to it supporting its hegemony or facing us all.

Do not expect a campaign with an impressive narrative loadbut rather a common thread Ideal for the first game of the game. We are facing a light plot that stands out for everything that Calradia can offer us, prompting us to do a little of everything so that we can Discover your true potential.

Highly detailed strategy, role-playing, and combat

speaking of the gameplaywe are before a game that combines strategy, role-playing at its best, and action-packed combat. All this with a unique formula that gives us complete freedom to do what we really want from the moment we leave the tutorial and start playing.

We will be able to visit small settlements, trade with their inhabitants and See how the world evolves in a random and unpredictable way. This thanks to the fact that the AI ​​itself is capable of changing and causing chaos throughout the map. We will see how a lot of conflicts, problems and opportunities arise for someone willing to make a name for themselves in Calradia.

A technical section with more careful and elaborate graphics

A a type title sandbox We can’t ask too much. If we look at the textures it’s pretty good, the animations are sometimes a bit weird and some physics have their bugs, but in general they are very well worked. It is true that the interface is quite similar to that of its prequel. A redesign in this section would have been nice so that new players in the saga had a more complete experience.

In consoles we have been able to verify, with a PlayStation 5, that we can find the usual Performance mode at 60 FPS, with dynamic resolution and with Quality mode at 4K and 30 FPS.

mount blade II
We will have battles from small fights to large field battles of up to 1000 units

Not a very remarkable multiplayer

In bannerlord we will have a multiplayer mode which is more anecdotal than interesting and that with its playable proposal, it does not manage to surpass other titles such as Chivalry (game with similar mechanics). In fact, the most interesting thing is the Captain mode, which allows us to lead our own troops and face an enemy to decide the game by capturing flags.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a special game. It allows us to do practically everything in a medieval open world that is in crisis. as experience sandbox, It’s about a Satisfactory title that will keep you many hours in front of the screen. It is true that over time it can become quite repetitive, but luckily (although only in the PC version), there is a very extensive community doing mod of all kinds that will give us many more hours of play and possibilities.

Positive points

  • A unique combination of role-playing, strategy and action
  • It is immeasurable. The feeling of freedom is overwhelming
  • Field battles and sieges are awesome

Bad points

  • Graphics that can be improved and inferior to those of the competition
  • The interface could be more modern and understandable
  • With the passing of the hours it can end up becoming repetitive
  • There are some bugs visuals

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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Analysis – Fantasymundo

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