Mount & Blade II Review –

Mount & Blade II Analysis

After more than two years in which the title has been found in a preliminary version, the final version of this video game has finally reached us and, of course, it is available on consoles, which is where we have played it (more specifically the version from xbox series x).

On this occasion, the first thing we find is a magnificent character editor, either to start playing in its sandbox mode or in its more classic campaign mode, and it is one of the most complete that exists since we can not only modify externally, that is, in addition to or typical of height, hairstyle, beard, sex, etc. we will have the possibility of choosing different options from our childhood and many more choices that we should not take lightly since it will affect our way of playing, something that is made very clear to us with the different abilities that we are warned that are going to be modified.

Mount & Blade II Analysis

Entering the playable fieldEverything will depend on what we have chosen at the beginning, in our case we chose the option of going for combat, and in that section we are dealing with a careful system, although it does not stand out and it is relatively simple, especially for foot soldiers or using crossbows. In addition to this, we can also play in a great total role-playing experience, that is, we will have absolute freedom to advance as we want or as we can from the moment we “get rid” of the brief tutorial at the beginning. It is in this section where the strength of the title is most noticeable, and on the map we can clearly see how different conflicts are appearing or how the political situation of Calradia is changing.

Mount & Blade II Analysis

Regarding the campaign It is true that it does not exist as such, to be exact, we have the sensation of existing but a common thread that helps us advance in the first games, a thread that is the one that makes the difference between the aforementioned sandbox and the story mode. As we have previously explained, there are different ways to play and, although this could be an advantage, this is where we may find a big problem, and that is that if we decide to try all the options that are offered to us, it is when we will realize that we are Faced with a title that, although it does not falter, does not stand out in anything we can do, hence we can feel that it does not shine at all.

To try to break this monotony too there is a multiplayer mode Although, broadly speaking, it is noticeable that it is one more added mode but that does not stand out either and that it lags behind other titles of the style such as Chivalry.

In conclusion It must be made clear that this is first and foremost a special game in which we are offered absolute freedom to do whatever we want and that, therefore, it will keep us busy for many hours once you feel inside. this fictional medieval world.

Positive points

  • many hours long
  • Lots of options to play

Bad points

  • It is a game that does not stand out at all
  • The campaign has more of a small common thread than a story as such

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Mount & Blade II Review –

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